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Updated: Dec 10, 2022


We thought we'd share a little about us and the story behind Roots Real Estate Panama. 

We are Lazare and Carmen, we met in Bocas Del Toro and fell in love there. We managed an Eco Retreat called CocoVivo on Isla Cristobal for 3 years together in one of the most beautiful and serene places we've encountered. There, we designed airy little cabins aligning a beautiful coral reef, took guests on jungle and beach tours, cooked locally sourced meals on the dock- while dolphins lazily swam past. It was magical to say the least, and our love for Panama was set in stone.

Conversations at our dinner table, over the water and under the stars, often lead to some re-occurring questions from guests: How can we move to Panama? Whats the Real Estate market like? Do we need to wait until we retire? A few of our guests in fact became our neighbors!

Since the birth of our baby, we've moved away from our dreamy BnB over the sea, but we've continued to explore this incredibly diverse country in search of our next chapter. What we've come to understand is that in Panama, there are so many options.

What catches our eye is natural beauty, rivers, jungles, mountain vistas and the bio diversity that comes with, as well as business potential. How can we forge a life for ourselves in this exquisite country? Maybe by helping you invent yours!

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