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Roots Real Estate Language Flag by FORMATNULL
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We love Panama

Updated: Dec 10, 2022

Throughout it's voluptuous curves, Panama is divided by a mountain range laced with nearly 500 rivers, home to jaguars and packed with bio-diversity. It is surrounded by more than 1500 islands dappling 2500kms of Pacific, Atlantic and Caribbean coast. Aligned by coral reef,surf and rich culture, we believe it would be very hard to find another country with as much beauty and diversity as Panama. But there are many reasons to love this country other than her good looks! To name a few:

Economy: Evolved mainly around the service industry - World Top Banking, the Canal, Transport and Tourism, the economy has resisted recession and has grown steadily in between 5 and 6 % yearly for more than 6 years, with higher peaks before that. 
Taxes: Panama has a territorial tax system, meaning that it exempts all income earned outside Panama. Let that sink in. It's a mystery to us that an tsunami of freelancers, digital nomads or other entrepreneurs have not yet flooded the real estate market.
Hurricane Free: Panama is outside of the Hurricane belt, which gives buyers a sense of confidence when looking on the Caribbean. For this reason many sailors retire here, so they can moor their boats with peace of mind. Navigation permissions are available for 1 year, with corresponding VISAs for captain and crew. 1 year is long enough to explore and prepare for the canal OR set your roots and dry out.
Happy people: In a world where ethnic tensions, fear and polarizations are on a alarming rise, Panamanians are united through diversity.  Optimism and joy of life does not seem to correspond to financial status.
Reliable Banking: Panama was thrown under the bus with the Panama papers, but the reality is banking is modern and safe. There are many local and international banks that have been established here for many years.
Healthcare: Panama seems like one of the few countries with quality healthcare where doctors still respect the Hippocratic Oath.  No one in Panama is denied health care, or flagged with a life debilitating bill after treatment. My life has been saved here once for 1.5$ usd in Emergency care and I am not the only one with a survival story to tell thanks to Panama Health care.
Cost of Living: A fraction of the cost of living in European or North American nations allows you to live comfortably within your means.
Food: Access to an abundance of fresh and healthy food, literally growing on the street corners. The organic market is growing, but why not buy or trade with a neighbor.
Infrastructure: Great road and flight networks give you access to the most exotic locations.
Residency : An easy and straight forward residential program, especially to the friendly nations of Panama. And fast tracked when you buy property!

After 7 years of exploring various parts of the country, we developed Roots Real Estate to accommodate and guide people who are ready to make the move. There is a lot to consider when making an international life change and we can understand that a single visit to Panama might not allow you the necessary exploration to make the right choice.  We want to narrow your search and find a match for your specific needs, your climate, your community.

For now it seems that mainly retirees have discovered this incredible country as a relocation destination, but Roots Real Estate wants to change that. For the young and the entrepreneurial there is the ability to CHOOSE a different way of life, and the freedom to choose lies in Panama.

Set roots in Panama by building your career in markets that still have huge growing potential here. Tourism, import and export, agriculture small or large scale, off-grid/sustainable development, food service industry, biology, conservation...

Contrary to many real estate agencies, we won't focus on established expat communities with big price-tags. We will focus on properties with growth potential in beautiful pristine locations... on the brink of expansion.  Properties that will give you a fast return on your investment through their business potential or growing value through their strategic location. There are still a lot of opportunities to find in Panama but a lot of ground works is required to know how to find them. 

For now we will mainly focus on following areas:
The farmer's province and consequently a great option for experienced farmers and agriculturists, homesteaders and Tourism. Due to the local economic focus on farming, tourism has remained hugely underdeveloped in Chiriqui. Once you see the ecology of this province you will see the potential. The Marine park of the Golfo de Chiriqui for example, has hardly been discovered but is on a World top level for marine life, snorkeling and idyllic beaches. All over Chiriqui, you'll find rivers and waterfalls that in other countries would be considered as touristic hotspots and world wonders. In Chiriqui these places remain unexploited, no ticket booths, no line ups.
the triangle David-Boquete-Volcan: we follow the belt of ideal climate, above a 700m level to offer opportunities in areas with similar potential as Boquete, at a more reasonable price.
Rural areas around Palmira, Portrerillos Ariba, Potrerillos Abajo, Cuesta de Piedra and Volcan have been recently connected to Boquete and David through a new scenic highway. Read more about it here: RUTA SUR. The prices however have not changed yet. Perfect climate, perfect timing. Crystal clear rivers, majestic views, most fertile soils and a very calm and safe communities make this triangle an essential ingredient to a peaceful life. All close enough to the the conveniences of a hugely modernizing city, the 3rd biggest in Panama, David- with an international airport. 
Boca Chica and the national park of Golfo the Chiriqui: Considered as being the new high end destination in tourism but still relatively undiscovered. Road improvements are in the making, lots of hidden pearls left to be discovered.
Incredible waterfront lots around every corner of the outer islands. Those wanting to launch themselves in eco tourism , green/ off-grid development and Caribbean living will find themselves a home in one of the most biodiverse areas on the planet.
Connecting both Pacific and Caribbean seas by rolling hills, mountains and rivers. We will focus on the opportunities that emerge through the recent connection of Santa Fe, one of the oldest Panamanian settlements,to the Caribbean coast, Colovebera, with our sister company PROPERTY1SANTAFE.
Los Santos: where we will follow the growth of Venao and Cambutal. These areas are suppose to be what Costa Rica looked like before it lead the americas in Tourism and when prices were still reasonable.

If you are interested in any of these areas contact us with the details of your dream property and watch us find exactly what you are looking for! We make our connections directly to the source and not all our secrets are on line. No extra intermediary or Broker. No price control. Honest opportunities. That's what Roots Real Estate stands for. 

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