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Roots Real Estate Language Flag by FORMATNULL
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Roots Real Estate Panama birthday!

Updated: Dec 10, 2022

Roots Real Estate Panama celebrates its 1st anniversary with a brand new Website, Branding and Marketing Strike!

Happy birthday to us!

Looking back on the last year, we know we have a lot to be thankful for:

We are grateful for all the exciting contacts we've made, and all the amazing places you've invited us to visit.  We thought we would take this opportunity to share with you what the last year has taught us about life in Panama, and the new path we've carved with Roots Real Estate.

Firstly, we've put in a lot of hard work,  and are proud to share that we have caralled nothing short of a Dream Team. Together, we have no other ambition than to become top of the range when it comes to your navigation experience of Panamanian real estate, with a green and sustainable soul.

Our highest priority is identifying the vision and the needs of our clients, while escorting them through the Wild West of Panamanian Real Estate! Over the year, we have become efficient at offering the best possible representation of the properties we promote through pairing with talented photographers and videographers. Our hand-picked listings are qualitative and diverse, many of which were found organically, by actively scouting for your specific requests (the facet of our work we like most!).

Secondly, to motivate our Sellers, we guarantee the best international visibility possible. Without giving away all our secrets, we have teamed with a master marketing strategist FormatNull, which has successfully helped pushing multiple online start up platforms into very competitive environments. They will be combining expertise from various fields into new synergies, through cross functional growth, data driven marketing and efficiency pushing digital strategies. They combine this knowledge with online marketing experience from one of Berlin's top Real Estate Agencies and more than a decade of experience of working in the travel industry, e.g. on projects with United Emirates Airlines, a Google Premier Partner digital agency in Europe or the Hong Kong Tourism Board to name a few. An important detail as we specialize in eco tourism, properties with rental income (potential) and economic/business potential.

The Third element of our team is our fantastic Legal force,  who specialized in Property, Corporate and Immigration law. As we all know, web forums and social media can be helpful to build community (and destroy it), great for first hand accounts of personal experiences (but not always helping when it comes to accuracy).  We often hear that you should only buy titled property in Panama is which big nonsense because a lot of honest Panamanians can not afford the process of titling their land , nor are they aware where to begin. If you are looking for opportunity and a good return on investment you need to be considering ROP properties as well. A clean ROP record can give you the option to title, the lawyers we contract have an impeccable track record, and will help dig up the dirt in order to title your property. 

The Fourth and possibly the most important factor of our team is the crew of locals who have joined us as hosts to help you navigate the country! We whole heartedly agree with the relocation experts, you should not make any decisions before spending time in Panama and we are commited to showing you the most authentic experience possible, in the neighborhoods we cover.

Though it's been an incredible time of growth, our startup year and launch was heavily shaken by a certain unapologetic virus... and we have already been asked a few times if we are considering "a re-orientation towards a new line of work?" or " relocating to another country with better perspectives than Panama?" The answer is a loud and clear NO and NO.  Sure, a few sales got delayed and cancelled, as suddenly our biggest target group was denied access to the country, but the virus hibernation gave us three precious gifts:

*  Time to thoroughly analyse the Panamanian Real Estate market 

*  Time to build a new website, corporate design and marketing strategy

*  The confirmation that a greener lifestyle is our only option if we want to sustain a quality life into the future.

Our new logo, created by Panapluma, is inspired by the Guna Yala's Mola, an important symbol in Panama of Indigenous heritage and autonomous existence. Our simple interpretation of these detailed works of art is to demonstrate the strong connection between Panama's Roots and our drive to  reconnect with the land by living closer to nature, supporting the growth of the Organic food market and protecting the natural wonders of the isthmus.

Our decision to stay and continue this mission is not only clear, it's necessary! There is no doubt in our minds that Panama is on top of the list of places to be, as we are all being pushed into the 'new normal'. 

*  An overdue economic depression shows most of us are soon going to have to live with less

*  A suffocating planet Earth polluted to the point of no return is threatening our health and well being 

*  Artificial Intelligence occupies a good share of the job market, while it has the power to monitor our behavior, whereabouts and significantly reduce freedom as we know it

The future is changing drastically and rapidly, and with the virus eclipsing our greater picture vision, how can anyone think about changing what is structurally wrong in the systems we've created? We are ALL affected by the new normal, from our new born babies pushed into a world where they will never know any different, the young adults who's dreams are on hold, to our grandparents having to suffer through the biggest decay the planet has seen, alone in the hospital. There's no existing model or guide that has the answers to this crisis, we are going through a solid reset and the choice of where and how to live will determine our quality of life in the long run.

We are far from being doomsday prophets, but the analogy of "the boiling frog" seems pretty fitting right now... The premise is that if a frog is put suddenly into boiling water, it will jump out, but if the frog is put in tepid water which is then brought slowly to a boil , he will not perceive the danger and will be cooked to death. We don't want to be that frog. Drastically put? Maybe. But if we are headed for a collapse, this could mean a shortage of clean water, food, and electricity, and even communication. Imagine the big cities where all the frogs will have to jump at once!

"Survival prepping in Panama?"

We live in the highlands of Chiriqui, between 2 rivers and sweet, humble neighbors, who invited their families from the cities to stay with them during lockdown. We all shared produce from our gardens in the most severe times of lockdown and through this loveing experience we learned that when the shit hits the fan, we'd rather have a few neighbors who possess these inclusive qualities and farming skills, than a millionaire neighbor with cryptocurrency and blocks of gold hidden in his safe. Panama has the perfect grounds for survival and we want to encourage our clients to embrace the Panamanian traditions and lifestyle, connect with your neighbors and learn the language. This process will give you such a rich life as an immigrant here, and much more satisfaction than being enclaved into an expat bubble. The respect you will receive in return for your integration is extremely satisfying and you will notice personal growth as well!

"why Panama?"

We have many answers to offer, and they are the result of living , intensively exploring and observing the country and its dynamics for more than 8 years. They will also vary depending on the demographic of who's asking, as we all know the benefits Panama has to offer those ready to retire, but for your folks looking to build or continue your career here, this is for you: 

Panama has resisted all recessions through the last few decades and it should not be any different on this occasion. How is it that a country, by many still unknown or considered 3rd world, can present financial results like that, while not having the most efficiently driven internal economics?  The answer: Large scale service industry, international corporate investment and banking. The big players understand the huge potential and tax benefits available here, and of course there is a canal that is connecting and sustaining the whole world's basic necessities, a source that never will dry up ( unless she evaporates ). Because the Canal almost serves as financial insurance, Panama never (had to) put a real effort into marketing the many benefits the country has to offer regular people and small entrepreneurs like you and me, looking for opportunity. But the benefits are huge! Opportunities lie in any line of business and life quality can be superior. Our study over the year, helped us conclude that we are behind the times when it comes to the online world here. Any line of business in Panama can be improved upon, if you were to invest in a strong website and data analysis platform. Any entrepreneur may thank us for this golden tip, opportunities present themselves in any direction you look!

"Where are all the Digital Nomads?!"

On social media, we are seeing a brand new wave of intelligent marketing for other Caribbean Nations inviting people to come and work remotely, tax free for a year. The offer sounds tempting, but this principle has already existed for many years in Panama and it's permanent for residents. Compared to some of those Caribbean Island Nations that may loose their appeal after the initial vacation vibe has worn off,  Panama offers huge diversity. Beautiful highlands and mountains, over 500 hundred rivers, thousands waterfalls, 1500km of coastline, a vibrant capital city, a great diversity of micro climates, protected rainforests that are guaranteeing us endless water supply, fertile soils that can easily sustain the country and her neighbors and guess what! We have Caribbean Islands too, with no hurricanes and hardly any crime...The icing on the cake is that if you relocate to Panama and continue working for a buisness abroad, you are Income Tax free in Panama. If you create a business here and only serve clients from abroad you are Income Tax Free period!Now more than ever, people are working from home, and now you can choose where home is. With many areas of Panama providing Fiber Optic Internet Connections at 100-600 mbps the infrastructure is here for you to create your dream office/ dream home/ dream life.

We invite you to contact us and plan your trip to investigate your Panama relocation, be safe and well! Plant your dream life in Panama!

Much Love, 

Carmen and Lazare

Phone and What's app

+ 507 6668 4823

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