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The time has come for the little seaside village of Tierra Oscura to welcome the world, and showcase its crystaline waters, coral reefs, and exotic wildlife. Life in the Tierra Oscurra lagoon has changed drastically over the last few years, what once felt like the farthest reach of the world, is now road accessible! Enjoy these 9 hectares of wild primary forest, calm deep water anchorage, and beautiful Caribbean sea views.


Who would have dreamed that such a wild and picturesque place would become so easy to access?




The location of this 9 hectare, titled piece of heaven is in the Tierra Oscura region of Bocas Del Toro, Panama. The Tierra Oscura Lagoon sits between Isla Cristobal and the mainland, offering the most protected waters of the archipelago, completely protected from the ocean by the layers of islands that surround it. Aligned with incredible coral reef and schools of baby fish, the Lagoon is home to dolphins, red snapper, baracuda, eagle spotted rays and the brightest bioluminescent plankton in the area. The mainland side of the region is known for its dark soil which literally translates into tierra oscura, and a high density of 3 toed sloths. Full of undisturbed flora and fauna, the area is now accessible via a brand new asphalted road, but still commercially untouched.

The massive tract sprawls up from the Caribbean shore, through an orchard like setting, past the new asphalted road and into the jungle abyss. The seafront is crystal clear and lake like offering the ideal moorage for any sea vessel. One third of the land is on the seafront side of the road and the other 2 thirds are elevated jungle, slanted towards the sea views. Climbing to an impressive elevation, all throughout the property are many gorgeous build sites with exceptional sea views. At the back of the property, deep in the jungle, there are limestone cliffs rumored to be the home of a local jaguar. The most elusive creature of the jungle she happily feeds on the agoutis of the naturally balanced eco system.


Tierra Oscura mainland community has thrived for a century off-grid. Seemingly quiet comfortable in the ways of the past, the town prospered by cultivating cacao and fishing. Tourism has slowly moved in, but as the tourists come and go, one thing remains constant- Los Amigos Bar and fried chicken, a community favorite and THE place to be on a Wednesday.

The new road provides electricity and emergency access to the school of the community, and no one knows what the future holds for this little seaside town, but we’d like to see it stay lush, green, private and abundant with wildlife.

fruit trees


primary jungle

fresh water

road access





Massive Seaside Tract with Road Access

USD 435,000

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Lot size:

9 Hectares


Tierra Oscura, Bocas del Toro, Panama


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