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This beach lot is one of only 5 on Isla Muertos which has sandy shores, it is a special one! The 6050 m2 beach property is Right of Possession and is located on the South facing beach of Isla Muertos, (Island of the dead ) it's still a mystery to us why the island has this name, and an intriguing one at that! Maybe because the island is just sooo relaxing?

The property slopes up from the beach, and within its boundaries are lots of fruiting trees, mixed in with the natural jungle. The property is a fresh slate for you to carve out your Tropical escape, and leave the rest to nature! The Beach Lot on Isla Muertos is an easy investment for a number of reasons. First, the fact that the property is currently ROP means that you don't have to pay property taxes! (but a Title could certainly be applied for). Secondly, though the island feels extremely remote it is only 10 minutes by boat from the nearest mainland port of Chorcha, and from there half an hour to David which is the capital of the Chiriqui Province, add an extra 10 minutes of travel to access the Enrique Malek International Airport. The third reason this pretty beach lot is an easy investment is that the island has a full time caretaker who lives at the end of the beach, and who will provide transport from the mainland to your future cabin, if you don't want to invest in a boat.


A pretty beach lot on a rural island in the gulf of chiriqui that will bring your cast away fantasy to life! Escape the real world at this slice of paradise, which is surprisingly easily accessible!

Communal Dock




Not much going on on Isla Muertos except extreme serenity, ecosystems of all kinds ( beach, jungle, mangrove, coral and canopy), and a few scattered neighbors who sound quite nice. There are only 2 cabanas currently built on the South facing beach where this lot is located, the one belonging to the caretaker, and another which is the direct neighbor of the Beach lot. The other two island neighbors are all the way over on the North tip of the Island.


The Gulf of Chiriqui is Panama's best kept touristic secret! Frequented mostly by locals, there is a tremendous selection of beaches to visit amongst the islands that make up the archipelago. The area is also known as an excellent place to launch fishing charters, and as the years pass new higher-end eco-lodges are popping up. An incredible highlight and tourist attraction in the archipelago is the humpback whale migration. They use the protected waters as mating and birthing grounds, and did you know Panama is the only place in the world where the humpbacks of the Northern and Southern hemispheres come to catch up?!

Proximity to National Park



The Beachfront Lot on Isla Muertos is perfect for: ye who enjoys solitude
For Nature Lovers who love to the feeling of disconnecting from all the teathers of daily life ... though star link is available if that gets old fast.



Beach Lot on Isla Muertos

USD 99,000

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Lot size:

6050 m2


Isla Muertos, Chiriqui, Panama


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