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Explore similar properties between the islands of Bocas del Toro and the highlands of Boquete, be it jungle lots, island escapes or residential property. Should you have further questions do not hesitate to schedule a free consultation call with our customer experience team here in Panama. 

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Whether you are looking for a vacation rental investment or your long term home, Villa Inti is a trouble free property built for your relaxation and enjoyment. Steps from the beach and only a 5 minute ride to town, island life is made easy with this adorable home and rooftop patio. 

A sweet seaside home, in the most convenient of locations!


Air conditioning


City Water

City Electricity


Shared Dock




Cleverly designed, this 120 square meter home was built with tropical life in mind. The 2 story structure sits 3 feet above the ground on pillar foundations, inside the roof beams are exposed and the dining area is open but screened in to allow for excellent air flow. The master bedroom is enclosed for the efficiency of the air conditioning and the two bedrooms each have their own en suite bathrooms. The kitchen is open to the living space , where a staircase leads to the second floor patio. The rooftop patio is a wonderful element of the home, and offers views off the sea only 30 meters away. 


540 m2, this suburban lot is easy to maintain. Located within a little community of 4 other homes, security is no issue, and the community shares access to a little pier over the sea. Ride your bike or atv to town, or take the bus! This property is located along the island's main road ( but not on it!)  permitting vacationers a central location to access all the adventures the Bocas del Toro Archipelago has to offer.  Finding a manager to assist with rentals while you are abroad will be a cinch, as the rental market in this area is hot.


Steps from beach

Easy Maintenance

Public Transit

Rental Income



Villa Inti on the Main Island property is perfect for: the part timer
Dreaming of the Bocas life, but can't quite take the leap yet? Invest in this easily rentable seaside home for easy income while you can't be where you want to be. 


Rental Income

Villa Inti on the Main Island

USD 285,000

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