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1000 m2 of volcanic earth with river access, invites you to build your dream home. An easy building process is assured with direct road access, a flat terrain, and city electricity and water at hand. Your home design should accentuate the beautiful expansive views that this lot has to offer: up to the top of Volcan Baru, and all the way back down to the Pacific Ocean.


City electricity

City water




Located in beautiful Paraiso, Chiriqui, near the junction of Rio Piedra and Rio Paraiso, this highland lot is accessible via the Ruta Sur Highway which connects Boquete to Volcan. About 30 minutes from Volcan, and 45 minutes from the town of Boquete or the city of David with its big box stores and international airport, this rural town is just far enough away from the hussle to merit the name Paradise! The proximity to the scenic route offers easy access to city water and electricity.


The flat lot is 1000 m2 , which borders a wooded slope down to the Rio Piedra. There is access down to the river which could almost be considered private, as people seldom use it. The addition of this no-mans land on the river’s edge accentuates the feeling of country life, and the space to enjoy nature, even on this little lot. At 730 meters above sea level, this affordable highland lot feels like spring all year round and enjoys an 365 day growing season!

Volcanic soil

Canyon view

Mountain view

Ocean view


Road Access


If you are looking for more well priced land like the Affordable Highland Lot in Paraiso, please visit Roots Real Estate Panama’s Farm Land page.


Affordable Highland Lot

USD $25,000

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