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All accessible by the access road through the center of the community. Lot #6 is 3293.83 m2 for 195,000$, Lot #7 and #12 are both listed for 200,000, at 3805 m2 and 4901.84 m2 respectively. Please refer to the map in the gallery to see their precise locations.





Bluff Beach is a world famous surf spot for the most seasoned surfers. Optimal surfing season from mid December to mid April. Bluff beach is also a favorite spot for nature’s best surfers- sea turtles, who land on Bluff, the largest sandy beach on the island of Colon, to lay their eggs from April to September. Because the beach is protected, it guarantees superb biodiversity: howler monkeys, sloths, parrots and hummingbirds to name a few.


The Bluff Beach Project is steps from the magnificent, golden Bluff Beach, 10km from the city center’s airport, shops and schools, and only 6km from the new Bocas hospital. 10 Jungled Hectares have been subdivided into titled lots for residential use with the possibility of building for rental purposes. The roads are well graded and excellent drainage has been installed to make each lot an ideal building site.

Through the master plan, attention was kept to protect the natural beauty of the land, large trees remain, a creek flows though the project and lots maintain the natural shade of the jungle. In combination with the sea breeze, the Bluff Beach Lots provide a perfect environment to live in the Tropics. Prices now vary from 95,000$ to 235,000$ for these almost waterfront lots, but the value is expected to rise! The Bluff Beach area is expecting a lot of growth as city electricity is planned for the end of 2020 and a freshly paved road access in 3 years time.


​Lot # 3 : 2143.11 m2 / 140,000$
Lot # 4 : 2083.97 m2 / 135,000$
Lot # 5 : 2567.04 m2 / 145,000$
Lot # 8 : 1776.72 m2 / 95,000$
Lot # 9 : 4212.15 m2 / 225,000$
Lot # 10 : 4871.75 m2 / 225,000$
Lot # 11 : 3667.32 m2 / 150,000$
Lot # 13 : 3735.15 m2 / 175,000$
Lot # 14 : 2175.53 m2 / 120,000$
Lot # 15 : 1722 m2 / 95,000$
Lot # 16 : 2271.83 m2 / 135,000$
Lot # 17 : 2430.94 m2 / 145,000$
Jungle Lot ( not on master plan) : 26 Hectares / Price upon request One of the highest points of Isla Colon, with 360 degree views of the sea and the surrounding islands.


The Bluff Beach Project is perfect for a Family Home:

A beautiful environment to raise a family, amidst the natural beauty of Isla Colon and only 10 minute drive from town and its schools

The Bluff Beach Project is perfect for a Vacation Rental:

The idyllic beach, the road access, the beautiful garden, makes this property a great find for someone wanting to build a holiday home or vacation rental unit.

The Bluff Beach Project is perfect for the Retiree, or the mobility challenged:

Easy access by car all the way to the beach makes this property accessible for everyone!

The Bluff Beach Project is perfect for a Developer:

Move your construction skills to the tropics, these vacant lots are sure to sell, but with a home on top a developer could make a nice profit.

Road Access

Gated community


Jungle view

Proximity to beach

Proximity to national park



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Bluff Beach Lots 6 7 and 12

USD $195,000

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