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Explore similar properties between the islands of Bocas del Toro and the highlands of Boquete, be it jungle lots, island escapes or residential property. Should you have further questions do not hesitate to schedule a free consultation call with our customer experience team here in Panama. 

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Without the over saturation of tourism in this town, real estate prices have avoided inflation, but the low price of 2.4$ per m2, says nothing about this property’s beauty. This huge waterfront property begins where the town’s development ends, aligning the waterfront and tracing back into the jungle to meet a new road being built for the indigenous community nearby.





With a 150m stretch of waterfront, the park-like coast of this property has big dramatic rock formations jutting out of it’s grassy hills. The property is elevated above a path that aligns the water’s edge. This trail provides access to the village nearby, and to the beach just beyond the border of the land. The hill top provides the perfect building site for a home, or touristic lodging, with endless views out over the Chiriqui Lagoon.

Beyond the rock formations and grassy hills, the terrain turns into lush jungle which proceeds all the way to the new road. With this new addition to the community’s infrastructure, we can expect city electricity to reach the vicinity soon.

The property continues beyond the road for another few hundred meters, suggesting a good place to segregate the land into 2 properties for resale.


The Beautiful Waterfront Lot in Chiriqui Grande is perfect for a commercial endeavor:

20 Hectares of jungle with road and sea access could inspire a variety of businesses, a grocery store along the road, a hotel near the water’s edge and a jungle housing development in between, are a few opportunities that come to mind.

The Beautiful Waterfront Lot in Chiriqui Grande is perfect conservation:

Protect the jungle on this lot, as surely the new road through will inspire new builds by townspeople looking to expand. Generally where new roads are built there will be deforestation.


Jungle view

Ocean view

Proximity to beach

Proximity to town

Road Access


If you are looking for more oceanfront land, with unique natural elements like The Beautiful Waterfront Lot in Chiriqui Grande, please see Roots Real Estate Panama’s Conservation page for more options.



Beautiful Waterfront Lot in Chiriqui Grande

USD $480,000

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