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This Ocean View lot is named for the survivor on it – a Corotu tree. Years ago, the tree was on it’s last tree legs, limbs were dying and bark was falling off. With some rehabilitation and time, ‘El Corotu’ has become a strong, beautiful tree again, recompensating the leg up by providing shade and an annual display of flowers.

Known as Costa Rica’s National Tree, the Corotu has a long list of common names, it is usually planted as a source of forage for cattle, but is cherished by all tropical residents for its dramatic appearance and the shade it offers. Farmers use it shade coffee plantations, to fertilize and balance Nitrogen in the soil. While the seed pods are still green, they are harvested and eaten boiled in Mexico, in Columbia they mix the pith with sugar and eat the paste as a dessert, In Costa Rica the seeds are used to make Jewelry and in parts of Panama the ripe seeds are heated in a fire until they pop like pop-corn. The Corotu Tree is believed to provide medical benefits as well, truly a gift that keeps giving. Keep the tree as part of your majestic view!


City electricity

City water

Club house






The Corutu Ocean View lot at Avalon de Azuero, is 3932 square meters (42000 square feet) and has one of the largest building terraces in the development. At over 1,454m2 (15,500 square feet), the building terrace alone is much larger than most of the residential lots, and thanks to the ideal location, the view of the ocean will never be compromised.

The lot is at an elevation of about 180 meters or 600 feet above sea level, and is close enough to hear the waves break on the beach below. It is ready to build, and developers at Avalon de Azuero will guide you through the process. Road, water and power are included in the cost.

See the project layout in our gallery and look for Lot#6 of the Hillside Terraces for the respective location.


The home sites of Avalon de Azuero are located just past the quaint fishing village of Bucaro, after Tonosí and before Guanico and Cambutal. Bucaro and neighboring Guanico are towns in transition, evolving from little fishing villages into off-the-beaten- path gems like Cambutal and Playa Venao. In these authentic villages you’ll find no through traffic, just peace, quiet, ocean breezes and awesome views. The nearby town of Tonosí provides groceries, construction materials, banking, mail, police, fire and medical services including a hospital.

Excellent paved public roads bring you to the entrance of the Avalon de Azuero project. Within the project, roads are well constructed 25 feet (8 meter) wide primary, 20 feet (6 meter) wide secondary gravel all-weather roads. The driveways are 15 feet (4.6 meter) wide.

The Avalon de Azuero community is within minutes of the beach, in an area which is known for excellent fishing and world-class surf spots. Each lot in the community has excellent ocean views and a cool breeze blows down from the mountains in the dry season and off the ocean in the wet season. This the ultimate location for your tropical escape plan.

The communal beachfront includes a protected beach which is great for swimming and kids, a calm ocean area which is appropriate for water skiing, SUPs, kayak, boogie board and other water sports, a rocky shoreline with tide pools, waterfalls and small bay private beaches. The community has a beach front rancho with electricity, lights and a shower plus a boat ramp accessible for a nominal annual fee.

Most of the lots at Avalon de Azuero are already graded and can be adapted to suit your home design, as the developers are open to participate in the coordination of your build. As a retirement home, vacation retreat or an investment, this is an opportunity you won’t want to pass up.

Mountain view

Ocean view

Proximity to beach

Road Access



With a 10% down payment the developers of Avalon de Azuero will finance the remainder with 6% interest.

The Corotu Lot with Ocean Views at Avalon de Azuero is DISCOUNTED TO $89,250 UNTIL September 27, 2021!


Do you love the view at the Corotu Ocean View Lot at Avalon de Azuero, but just wish there was more space? Lucky for you the adjacent lot is also available at a discounted rate. See Roots Real Estate Panama’s Lot 7.


3932 m2 Ocean View Lot at Avalon de Azuero

USD $89,250

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Lot size:

3932 m²


Tonosi, Azuero Peninsula


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