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Sandwhiched between 2 stunning rivers, the David and the Majagua, lies a little town called Palma Real. Mainly farmland, scattered with family homes, this rural community is only 35 minutes from David and Boquete! The country highway that runs through Palma Real connects Boquete to Volcan and belts the Vocan Baru, this scenic drive is a great way to experience the beauty of the Chiriqui Highlands.


2.3 Hectares of citrus farm are happily pumping out Persian Limes and Washington Oranges on fluffy Volcanic soil. The orchard begins at the main road where the citrus trees are planted in idealic rows, and carries on until the forest’s edge. A large chunk of this natural forest accounts for one quarter of the lot, it is home to squirrels and Squirrel Monkeys!

The Riverfront Citrus Farm also includes a riverfront building site, roughly 3000 m2. This includes the access road from the orchard, which slopes down a hill to provide even further privacy from the main road. This riverfront building site can bought alone or omitted from the sale of the farm at the price of 75,000$ USD.


City electricity

City water




300 Persian Lime Trees

The advantages of the Persian lime in commercial agriculture compared to the key lime are the larger size, absence of seeds, hardiness, absence of thorns on the bushes, and longer fruit shelf life. They are less acidic than key limes and do not have the bitterness that lends to the key lime’s unique flavor. A citrus fruit species of hybrid origin, the Persian lime is a triploid cross between key lime (Citrus × aurantiifolia) and lemon (Citrus limon).

100 Washington Orange Trees

The Washington Navel Orange is the perfect eating orange. Its loose skin is easy to peel, and the segments hold together well. It has no pesky seeds, and its sweet flesh is delicious to eat, add to salads, or bake with. The tree is sturdy and easily grown, and has sweetly scented blossoms.


The Riverfront Citrus Farm is perfect for a juicy side hustle:

They say “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade” … well in this case you’ve got limes and oranges and your very own riverside. Something sweet and refreshing is always within reach! Use what this land has to offer to make your unique product and watch it fly off the farmer’s market shelves.

Volcanic soil




Road Access

Sweet water source


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Riverfront Citrus Farm

USD $375,000

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