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Though road accessible, and 40 minutes from the down town core of Bocas del Toro, this densely wooded lot and its 268 meters (almost 900 feet!) of secluded beach looks like the perfect location for the TV show Survivor….minus the bugs thanks to an incredible Northern Breeze.

For a number of reasons, it’s a rare thing to see a human on this stretch of beach. For one, the North Coast of Isla Colon, Drago, is only accessible by key holders to the locked gate at kilometer 1 of the caliche jungle road. Secondly, the 9.5 hectares of jungle has been growing at its own pace for the last 20 years, and 7.5 hectares of which provide a thick buffer between the road and the sea. It’s no doubt that this conservation has allowed the beach to provide turtles with such a densely populated nesting ground. Reported to us by the Turtle Conservancy of Panama, this section of beach holds one third of the nests, along the 8 km stretch of golden beaches and coves that make up North Drago. The shade the mature trees provide, the undisturbed ground cover that sprawls from the jungle out over the sand, the lack of light at night, are all nature’s invitations to those few sea turtles who make it home to lay their eggs.

All this to say, owning such a precious habitat comes with responsibilities in exchange for the beautiful experiences it will provide future residents and their guests. What an honor to provide some of earth’s endangered species a chance to thrive.
















The first property from the Drago gate, this lot is 9.5 hectares of pure jungle. The lot is divided by the community’s private road, with 7 hectares and 2949 m2 on the ocean side, and 2 hectares and 1461 m2 on the inland side, which proves to offer excellent soil and canopy for growing cacao.

The road splitting the Drago Turtle Beach property will eventually be part of a loop encircling Isla Colon, which will connect Drago to Bluff Beach, it will be paved, and will provide electricity. This new infrastructure will raise the value of the land, and will ease future development. Now is the time to act on this excellent investment opportunity, and to protect the seafront from deforestation and massive development. A survey already divides the two portions of land, and other home and land owners in the community have sold their inland properties separately.

With undulating hills throughout, there are plenty of known plateaus and potential building places within the boundaries of this property, and more to be discovered. The property has been left for 20 years to it’s own devices, growing and healing after generations of pasture use. The now incredibly thick jungle, is home to a huge variety of animals, sloths, night monkeys, capucins and howler monkeys, squirrels, toucans and a variety of dart frogs to name a few.

By walking the property we have detected one spring, but there are surely more to be found, as Drago is known for its abundance of fresh water.


There is one clearing near the ocean with a Rancho structure built on a concrete foundation, and needing a new roof. This location offers an excellent view of Bird Island, as well as a place for picnics by the sea, or turtle conservation workshops! From there the land quickly elevates, the trees become mammoth, and the density of the jungle swallows the old pathways that once lead through.

Road Access

Gated community


Jungle view

Ocean view

Proximity to beach

Sweet water source







The Drago Turtle Beach Property is perfect for: a nature school, or educational field trips

Team up with the Smithsonian, the Panama Field Study or the Turtle Conservancy. Come one, come all! To admire the wonders of the jungle and the sea.

The Drago Turtle Beach Property is perfect for : A Jungle retreat

Travel is all about experiences these days, gone are the days of skin baking on the beach… set your guests up with memories that will last a lifetime, learning about the life cycle of the turtles and supporting 1 in every 1000 who survive to complete their nesting rituals.

The Drago Turtle Beach Property is perfect for: The conservationist

Green is the new gold 🙂

If you love the Drago Turtle Beach Property please see Roots Real Estate Panama’s Conservation page.



Drago Turtle Beach North Coast Isla Colon

USD $1,000,000

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Lot size:

9.5 hectares


Drago, Isla Colon, Bocas del Toro


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