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The province of Bocas del toro is known for its incredible biodiversity, and the array of exotic plants that thrive in the province is seriously astounding! For the last ten years the owners of the Loma Partida Botanical Garden have been indulging in a very creative obsession… landscaping, gardening, and collecting species to add to their gorgeous 7.5 hectare Tropical Rainforest Garden.

Until now, this private garden has only been accessible via private boat and is located 40 minutes from Bocas Town, not at all in the tourist circuit… but over the last few months a new water taxi route has opened up, linking Bocas Town to Chiriqui Grande, the new route stops midway in Loma Partida. The water taxi stop is conveniently at a restaurant nearby the Loma Partida Botanical Garden property, which means public transport right to your doorstep, and logistical ease.


Full kitchen

Back up generator


Boat house



Fully furnished



Rain water collection

Solar system




Loma Partida is a community in the outskirts of Bocas del Toro, the name means “split hill” and refers to the narrow channel which splits the mainland Tierra Oscura Peninsula from Split Hill Island. The channel, or “the cut” has been used for centuries for boat traffic, from traditional fishermen in cayucos who seek fish from the big bay of Chiriqui, to Pirates and Spanish explorers looking for shelter within the archipelago’s protected bays. Before there was a road to Almirante, the only way to get to Bocas Town was by boat via Chiriqui Grande along this very route.

For the last 20 years, the waterway has been for personal use, mostly for the residents of the community, but it seems like this dreamy corner of the world is waking up and embracing the changes. With the new water taxi route now in service, we hear news of restaurants opening up in the channel, and the mainland peninsula has road works currently in development. How far the road will go, no one knows for sure, but the important thing is that Italian fare is now within reach!


Within this 7.5 Hectare paradise the environment extends from the Caribbean Sea, to the wild jungles of the Bocas del Toro Mainland. The living space on the property is centered at the over the water homes, and flares out over manicured lawns, with exotic garden beds scattered strategically amongst the structured rock wall landscaping.

A series of paths wind through the parklike estate, and lead to several highlights. A patio with seating nestled into the greenery overlooks a mini beach with stairs leading to its sandy shore. A second seating area is perched on the hill top, overlooking the Loma Partida channel and the reef which sprawls along portions of the 1200 foot seafront.

Beyond the palms and flowering shrubs of the manicured garden is an orchard of citrus, guanabana, pineapple, banana, mandarin, mango, mangostene, and more. And the self sufficient dream continues past the edibles, to a goat field, rabbit hutch and a chicken coop!

Past the workshops and animals, the paths lead you deeper and deeper into a decade’s collection of facinating orchids and rare plant species that have set root. Wilder and wilder with each step until you find yourself in the jungle with the monkeys, stopped only by a creek which marks the Northern border of the property.


The main home feels airy and bright, painted a clean white, it is one level with a wrap around deck and windows on every side. Entering through the front doors from the waterfront veranda into a large open concept kitchen, dining, and living area. Through this space is a back door leading to the enchanting gardens, but to the left is the master bedroom and ensuite bathroom, and to the right a small single bedroom.

Above the three boat garage, perched up high, is a second home in the making. Huge, wide spaces have been constructed and are only in need of finishing. The new home has a massive living/kitchen/dining area, with panoramic views from its second story waterfront veranda. A large bathroom has already been tiled in slate, and the bedroom has its own veranda with the same wide open views. If you are looking for a property with rental income, this would be an excellent project.

Behind the two over the water buildings is a large bodega, with fridges and freezers, batteries, inverter, boat maintenance stuff and gardening tools. There is a second work shop where power tools are locked, which is landscaped with its own patio.

Rental income

Coral reef



Jungle view

Ocean view




The Loma Partida Botanical Garden is perfect for the horticulturalist, and an interpretive garden/wildlife tour:

Only having been explored by guests and family of the current owners, this garden has many secrets to entice the public. Now easily accessible from town, the Loma Partida Botanical Garden is a hortoculturalist’s dream tour… and tourism is welcomed in the community.

The Loma Partida Botanical Garden is perfect for an Airbnb:

With a main house and a huge apartment, this property is a perfect match for those looking for an income generating investment. With the new taxi route, guest transport is a breeze and renting out your extra space becomes hassle free. E-mail us today for photos of the unfinished second home!

If you love the Loma Partida Botanical Garden, please see Roots Real Estate’s Off grid page for more jungle/garden magic.



Bocas Del Toro Botanical Garden

USD $675,000

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Lot size:

7.5972 hectares


Loma Partida, Bocas del Toro


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