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33 hectares of gorgeous mainland with over 100 mature teak trees and plenty of other useable hardwood.
















This mountain ridge is road accessible and only 15 minutes from Almirante which is Bocas’ mainland hub for container ships and home to a massive new hospital.

The 33 hectares starts at the road and climbs more than 250 meters above sea level to the very top of the mountain ridge, and back down into the valley behind. Walking through the property you feel as though you are in a virgin jungle, and the higher you climb the larger the views and the fresher the breeze. Passing mommoth trees with great butress roots, the trained eye will narrow in on all the valuable hardwood thriving within the property’s boundaries. Laurel, Nispero, Roble and Teak to name the most abundant.

Facing North into the prevailing winds, makes life in the tropics more comfortable, this moutain slope is oriented North and hosts many plateaus which would make for fabulous building sites. The ocean views cascade down over Almirante Bay, and the higher you climb the more you see of the Bocas del Toro Archipelago.

From the very top of the ridge you can see down the backside of the mountain into valle Risko, with an incredibly rich indegenous culture, and known as the top Cacao producing area in all of Panama. Down in the valley along the shores of the Changuinola River and the Terribe River, are communities who still have kings, reluctant to the infiltration of tourism.

The Mainland Mountain Ridge and Teak Farm is a 100 year old time capsul of Bocas del Toro, with centenial trees, and a glimpse into an ancient and admirable way of life.


The Mainland Mountain Ridge and Teak Farm is perfect for: the sustainable wood farmer

In a sustainable lumbering practice, new seedlings are planted faster than trees are removed, thereby ensuring that forests regrow, with a variety of different trees, and allowing natural undergrowth to thrive. Here there is plenty of space for a home and a workshop, easy access to city power and a short drive from the amenities of town.

Proximity to national park

Canyon view


Jungle view

Mountain view

Ocean view

Proximity to town

Road Access




If you love the Mainland Mountain Ridge and Teak Farm but feel you need more space, please see the adjacent property, a 10 hectare abandoned cacao farm!


Bocas Mainland Mountain Ridge and Teak Farm

USD 345,000.00

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