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Discover Veraguas’ secret treasure: Pixvae

Updated: Dec 10, 2022

Last week we packed a cooler, a couple of bathing suits (and the baby) and hit the road in search of new Dream Property Listings. Ye old 4 Runner lead us to the province of Veraguas, to what  I can only describe as a secret treasure. PIXVAE.

This is a town where gentlemen paddle out to sea for their daily catch. The only traffic jams are Bovine, and pigs and puppies wander the streets in harmony. The smell of fried fish and plantains wafts through open doors. The population triples on holidays, when the generation of working age return from their jobs in the cities, but every other day is a good reason to chill in a hammock.

Why isn't this place on the tourist circuit? In all our time hosting at Cocovivo, only ONE couple had arrived with tales of this whimsical little town. I remember longing to discover it, then promptly forgetting its name. Turns out their descriptions of the place were quite accurate: Tiny fishing village, protected white sand bay, 1 pay phone in the park, access by 4x4 only, and bizarre Chiva schedule ( passenger truck leaves town at 4 am ). Why did they go this far off the beaten track to find this place?

COIBA DIVE BASE. From Pixvae you can access the UNESCO world Heritage site - Coiba National Park in a fraction of the time that you can from Santa Catalina, but there's only one guy doing it. A British immigrant who's long diving career has mainly been for scientific and film missions. Kevan Mantell is the closest thing you'll get to Sea Shepherd in Panama. He is totally committed to preserving the creatures of the sea, and he's working with Panamanian Universities to integrate the importance of conservation into the curriculums, thus nurturing a National sense of pride for the biodiversity and the natural wonders still thriving, but at tremendous risk today in Panama. He is now catering to diving tourists.

At this time, there are 2 hostels in Pixvae. One of which - Hostel Yosi, has been taken over by the owner's daughter ( Yosi herself) who is studying tourism in Panama City. We never got a chance to meet her, but her responses when we requested to stay with her were fast and professional. This fresh generation's view on ecology, on marketing, and the importance of merging the two is proof Pixvae is on the path to becoming a special stop for adventurous tourists. Hopefully it's just far enough from the beaten track to maintain its charm.

Which brings us to our NEW LISTING:

The charming Beach House: the ONLY private rental in Pixvae.

2 bedroom, 1 bath

on-grid AND off-grid ( solar and rainwater catchment)

This home comes furnished, with a generator, a motorboat, and all appliances ( stove, fridge, laundry machine)

Owner financing is available

It is currently listed on Airbnb for 90$ per night with a 3 night minimum.

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