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Only 15 minutes outside the ever evolving highland town of Volcan, this large property blends seamlessly into its lush green surroundings and offers the perfect hide out from the bustling world. The birds and the wildlife seem to feel the same way, as countless creatures have been spotted from the property's roof top terrace!


This hidden gem has a 2 bedroom home and caretaker's quarters along the beautiful Chiriqui Viejo River. The property reaches high up the hill side offering hiking trails, build sites for cabanas and an incredible array of magnificent birds.

Staff Houseing


Spring water





The property borders are shaped like a pipe, the stem of which aligns the river and gives access to the road, and the bowl of the pipe climbs high up the hill top of pure wilderness. A 4x4 vehicle is necessary for accessing the property but the trip to town is mostly brand new asphalted road. Once you turn off this newly paved road, the gravel farm lanes are well maintained by neighboring land owners and a municiple dam project you pass along the way. The gravel lane eventually brings you to the beginning of the property, and the long green driveway leads you to a creek which flows into the river. At this creek, there are 3 parking spaces, and a foot bridge which could be easily upgraded to a car supporting bridge by using rocks in gabion cages. This little bridge gives access to the developed portion of the property, deep within the river's valley ( a 5 minute walk from the stream crossing) .

The home sites, including that of the caretaker, have great elevation over the flowing river, and flooding in these areas will not be a problem. There are a few more elevated flat areas which would be ideal for jungle Cabanas with wide open views of the river valley. Trails from the home site lead deep in the jungle, and for the trained eye, there are incredible treasures to be found!


This 2 story, 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom home in the jungle was designed for the owners to disconnect and enjoy the natural surroundings. Now with Internet everywhere, you'll never have to leave your riverside oasis. There is an open kitchen, dining area with 2 large sliding doors opening onto a covered veranda, a few steps above in a split level style is a bedroom and bathroom which can be opened to the living space or closed for privacy. A covered outdoor staircase leads to the master suite upstairs with its own roof top veranda. A little waterfall runs along the side of the home, and the rock walls are formed to create a small pond with water diverted from the waterfall steam.


100% Natural

Road accessible

Ultra Private




The Riverfront Home and Bird Sanctuary is perfect for: an bird watcher's retreat

"There are sixteen species of birds in Panama, classified as Globally Threatened; some of the most splendid are Bare-necked Umbrellabird, Resplendent Quetzal, Three-wattled Bellbird and Yellow-billed Cotinga. Panama is an excellent place for a birding vacation or birding adventure, Panama has just over 1,000 species recorded, 11 of them are National endemics, and around 107 species are Regional endemics."
- Birding Panama



Volcan Riverfront Home and Bird Sanctuary

USD $440,000

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Fecha agregada:










Tamaño del lote:

11 Hectares


Volcan, Chiriqui, Panama


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