Premium Solarte Lots

Isla Solarte, Bocas del Toro, Panama
$ 35,000.00
USD, can be sold separately

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Date added: 03/20/21 Post Updated: 2021-04-25 21:45:49 Area: 3 acres Lot size: 3 acres
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Part of an Eco-Development on beautiful Isla Solarte, these 7 lots are available separately or all together in a package deal. Isla Solarte has the best of both worlds in Bocas del Toro, it is wooded and private, but only 1 mile from the town of Bocas del Toro by boat. The Eco-Development has been popular among hikers, bird watchers, and the growing community of people who wish to live sustainably.  Transport to and from town is easy, as the location is serviced by water taxis.



The 242 acre sustainable community in which these 7 premium lots are located, has many eco-iniciatives already begun to make life on Solarte self-sufficient and harmonious with nature. Stretching across Isla Solarte from coast to coast the development spans along the highest ridge towards Isla Bastimentos. The development consists of 93 titled fincas, plus the titled infrastructure finca (5409), which includes the paths, common areas, and green spaces. The terrain varies from beachfront, ridge lots, forested areas, hilly lots with ocean views, and interior forest lots as well.

  • Grow Zones and Food Forests are in the planning stages
  • Flora and Fauna identification by a Smithsonian trained staff 
  • Conservation, green spaces and selective clearing keeps greenbelts throughout the development that offer shade, privacy and character to each lot
  • Maintained pathways through the development are established allowing access to each lot
  • A service dock and a standard dock are located on the Sunset Beach side of the development, facing Bocas Town on Isla Colon
  • Numerous docks on the side of the island that faces Isla Bastimentos, with the possibility to build more if needed
  • Small scale farm has been built with chickens and pigs
  • Rain water catchment is primarily used for fresh water, and there are 5 springs and 2 creeks on the development



The landmass of the 7 premium lots combined is more than 3 acres. Six of the seven lots are contiguous, and would make a great family compound, or a collection of vacation rental units. Two of the seven lots have amazing ocean views.

The terrain is varied;beachfront, ridge lots, forested areas, hilly lots with ocean views, and interior forest lots as well.



The Package deal for the 7 lots is 300,000$ USD ( SAVE 18,000$ USD) 

Ocean View Lot      Lot#6796    59,000$ usd     1477.96 m2

Ocean View Lot      Lot#6797    59,000$ usd    1499.84 m2

Premium Lot          Lot#6822    45,000$ usd    2108.30 m2

Premium Lot          Lot#6823    40,000$ usd    1316.93 m2

Premium Lot          Lot#6824    40,000$ usd    2108.30 m2  

Premium Lot          Lot#6826    40,000$ usd    2251.22 m2

Premium Lot          Lot#6864    35,000$ usd    1035.65 m2


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  • dock
  • wifi


  • coral reef
  • crops
  • garden
  • island
  • jungle view
  • ocean view
  • proximity to beach
  • proximity to national park
  • proximity to town