Island Cacao Farm, 300m of reef front

Isla Pastores, Bocas Del Toro, Panama
$ 1,200,000.00
USD, half can be sold separately

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Date added: 10/19/20 Post Updated: 2020-11-04 12:42:02 Bedrooms: 1 Bathrooms: 1
Lot size: 24 hectares Status: Type:



24 Hectares of Island Cacao Farm is for sale on Isla Pastores, Bocas del Toro. This huge property spans the highest hilltop on the island all the way down to a little white sand beach, part of the 300 meter shore line. The 24 Hectares is legally divided in two properties of 12 Hectares each, which could simplify a re-sale. Each 12 Hectare segregation has the pilings already installed for a private dock, meaning there would be no need to aquire a waterfront concession.



Only a 10 minute boat ride from the port town of Almirante, this large lot is hidden on the leeward side of Isla Pastores, facing south.

The land is thickly wooded with hundreds of cacao trees thriving under the canopy of the old growth jungle. Undulating hills have trails carved throughout, with giant volcanic boulders peaking through the underbrush.

There is a wide road that has been compressed to support an 8 wheel utility vehicle from the previous owners. The road begins  at a  flat feild near the water’s edge and continues to various potential building sites on the east side of the property. Infrastructure of this kind is an expensive endeavor on an island, and should not be undervalued!

The reef along the shore has unique ring formations, creating natural salt water pools for you to explore with your goggles.



There is a beautiful wooden cabin located on the Western side of the property with 1 bedroom/ 1 bath and kitchen.



The Island Cacao Farm property is perfect for the Chocolatier:

Have full control over your product from plucking the fruit, through the sundrying process, to packaging your unique brand. Let the Theobromine take over!

The Island Cacao Farm property is perfect for Eco-Tourism:

Share with your worldly guests a valuable lesson, that the best things in life (chocolates) are only grown in a healthy eco-system. The beautiful landscape, unique reef and abundance of chocolate will leave your guests in awe of nature, and hungry for more.

The Island Cacao Farm property is perfect for a high-producing chocolate farm:

There is a collective in Almirante to purchase your chocolate in bulk, though why not tap into the ‘direct trade’ trend that coffee connoisseurs have been enjoying? A direct trade agreement means your crop will meet the standards of one particular specialty producer, your cacao will be worth more, your staff will be paid better, and you can take pride in your product reaching its full potential.


If you are interested in more Tropical Farming opportunities like the Island Cacao Farm, you’ll find plenty on Roots Real Estate Panama’s Farm Land page.




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