Drago Chocolate Farm and Reforestation Project

$ 130,000.00

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Date added: 06/10/21 Post Updated: 2022-02-07 12:22:56 Area: 23 hectares Lot size: 23 hectares



We are pleased to present this extremely well priced opportunity in our new favorite neighborhood- Drago!

Located on the main island of Bocas del Toro, Isla Colon, and accessible by car via a private, gated, community maintained road, this high-producing reforestation and cacao farm feels like a big lush breath of fresh air. Though this emerald gem is not waterfront, access to the beach is only a few steps away via a driveway shared by other community members.
The Drago Beach Chocolate Farm and Reforestation Project is an incredible opportunity to reap the benifits of a 15-year-old, long term investment. The price is dramatically low for  the area, and does not reflect the value of what is growing on the land.
 The Chocolate Farm has been harvesting Cacao for an artisanal baker in Panama City for more than a decade. Over the years a new strain of Cacao has been implemented to replace the old variant, preventing disease from fungus and other pathogens.  The total number of new plantings plus the mature producing trees exceed 2,000 plants.  Once the new trees begin to produce, the estimated overall crop yield will exceed 2,000 lbs. of cacao per hectare!
Besides the active Cacao production, this property has been growing another valuable crop: 15 yeas ago the current owner planted  Roble, Cedro, Amarillo, Mayo Rojo, Caoba Africana, Santamaria, Caoba normal, Almendro, Nispero, and Criollo, many of which are rare and valuable hardwoods. The reforestation of the land was directed by a private Environmental Consultant, from whom documentation will be included in the sale. This will help an application, should an investor want to register the property officially as a reforestation project with ANAM Panama’s Environmental ministery   https://www.miambiente.gob.pa/
These types of reforestation projects plant new trees, cultivate them, and trim them every few years.  You can harvest the  trees within 10 to 15 years for construction use on the property, you can sell excess lumber, and replant more trees as the crop thins.
The Drago Chocolate Farm has an interesting, undulating terrain which rises and falls from the private road all the way to the natural jungle at the back border. Two hill tops within the lot offer pleasant places to build amongst the trees, the sites could possibly show peeks of the ocean, and certainly invite the ocean breeze. There is a fresh water spring that bubbles up towards the front of the property, home to fish and shrimp!
The Drago Chocolate Farm and Reforestation Project is perfect for: A Permaculture Farm
Build a home and  plant your food under the canopy of hardwoods. With a fresh water source on site, you are on your way to being completly self sufficient. 
The Drago Chocolate Farm and Reforestation Project is perfect for: The Green Investor
Leave the property as it is, hire someone to  harvest and maintaint the cacao, and let those trees grow! These sustainable crops will fill your heart with satisfaction and your pockets with green.
The Drago Chocolate Farm and Reforestation Project is perfect for: The Chocolate Lover
Take your love of chocolate to the next level. Grow, pick, process, devour, and live chocolate.
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