10 hectare abandoned Cacao Farm

$ 110,000.00

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Date added: 10/11/22 Post Updated: 2022-10-11 14:22:38 Lot size: 10 hectares Status:



A once cherished Cacao Farm has been left to nature’s devices for the last decade. The property has maintained its value in its size and accessibility, but has many tasty treasures to be discovered and newly harvested. Some tender loving care in the form of pruning, will bring this gorgeous forest back to its full fruiting potential. 



10 hectares of lush mainland jungle, was once an orchard steadily producing cacao for generations before. Cacao is, as chocolate lovers know, a heart opener, and aphrodisiac and the most romantic gift you can give a loved one.  This farm comes with its own rich story of romance, a story that will only be revealed to those of you who come walk it with us!



The 10 hectare abandoned Cacao Farm is perfect for: The horticulturalist

A secret garden of potential, there are hundreds of Cacao trees nestled in this big patch of lush jungle, waiting for your green thumb. 

The 10 hectare abandoned Cacao Farm is perfect for: The chocolatier

If gardening isn’t your forte, hire local! There is abundant knowledge in the area of all things jungle and chocolate. From pruning to picking to processing the perfect brick of raw cacao will be at your fingertips in no time!


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