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Designed broadly and built of concrete, this modern home adheres to the Caribbean flair of the community, with its colonial style roof and bright yellow color! The Caribbean vibe carries you from the pool, through the airy home, and out to the magnificent Bluff Beach.

The 2 guest bedrooms and the bathroom on the ground floor, are nicely seperated from the open concept living space by an artesenal rock wall . Granite countertops, natural non-slip tile, and rich tones of wood bring warmth to the clean lines of the design of the massive great room where the kitchen, dining and living spaces are found. This space has vaulted ceilings and a wide Almendro stair case which leads to a mezzanine office, TV den and the master suite on the second floor. The space also opens to covered verandas, in the front to an open air dining space, and to the back towards the pool deck, where you can safely watch the monkeys without a fear that anything might land on your head!

The master suite is super extra large, and air conditioned! The room extends into a walk in closet, a large bathroom with a double vanity, an enclosed toilet room, and an outdoor shower, as well as laundry closet. The master suite has its own balcony facing the sea.


The broad, expansive spaces of this home's architectural layout make it a special find. Paired with its exceptional location, on a serene stretch of Bluff Beach, make it an even more incredible investment! With lots for sale on either side of the main home, the option to expand is available at a reduced price!

Municipal Electricity








With 20 meters of golden Bluff Beach, this titled lot of 2000 m2 comes with an extra 460 m2 of ROP land included for free. A sandy path through the ROP section leads you from the Titled lot to 5 KMS of wild Caribbean beach to wander. The Titled lot hosts the 2 story, 3 bedroom home, as well as the pool and thatched roof rancho, all nestled within a beautiful tropical garden.

The options to expand are:
- 1200 m2 Titled lot to the South for $150,000 USD
This lot includes an original cabana from the days of the United Fruit Company which has been converted into a gift shop, an art studio and a garage. This property also has 20 meters of its own beachfront as well as the free ROP addition.
- 2000 m2 Titled lot to the North, for $180,000 USD
This lot is raw land land with mature fruit trees dating back to the days the property was part of a plantation. This property has the same ROP section included, also offering 20 meters of Bluff beach front.

Both expansion properties are only available with the purchase of the home.


As you may have read, if you've been doing your homework.... Bocas is undergoing big infrastructural changes! Among them is a new road which will connect Bluff to the previously inaccessible Drago in a belt that will entirely wrap isla Colon.

Currently the only road to the Spacious Bluff Beach Home is a sandy one, which aligns Isla Colon's coast from town to the end of Bluff Beach. The new and improved road and bike lanes will be paved behind the property offering access from the back side of the property. This means the beachfront acccess will become less frequented by busses and vehicular traffic than it already is!


Road accessible

dual energy source

Fruit Trees

Space to expand



The infrastructural advancements of the island have also brought the Spacious Bluff Beach Home municiple hydro-electric power. The property still has a solar system and a rain catchment water system



Spacious Bluff Beach Home and Pool

USD $695,000

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Lot size:

2000 m2


Bluff Beach, Isla Colon, Bocas del Toro, Panama


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