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This dream can become your reality! The property is self-sufficient and has a few streams of income which can easily be expanded upon.


Between 1550 and 1800 meters of elevation the refreshing mountain air offers a cool climate between 14 and 23 degrees celcius all year round. As weather systems roll through the valley the area experiences the misty Bajareque that Boquete is famous for, it’s a gentle mist that is usually fleeting, and when the sun shines through rainbows flash throughout the day. During Chiriqui’s dry season the valley stays ever green, and during wet season the volcano blocks the Pacific’s storms and the valley experiences more sun than the rest of the province.

Conveniently located only a 15-minute drive from downtown Boquete, the farm feels isolated in the best way, but still offers access to all the amenities the area has to offer, like health centers, grocery stores, restaurants, golf courses, and coffee farms.


23 hectares of magical river valley, high up in the rainbow dense mountains of Bajo Mono, Boquete, is the landscape of dreams.



Fish Ponds

Fish Tanks

Artesenal Well




The Farm has a private driveway off the main road which leads down to the property’s bridge, across the Caldera river is where all this magic is happening. The property is made of a large emerald green field in the base of a dramatic canyon, the walls of which are lush with vegetation, and patches of basalt rock formations stick out in geometrical patterns colored by exotic lichens and mosses.

The total area of the farm is divided into three portions. An area of 3379 square meters hosts the Artesinal well, gushing with fresh potable water, this portion of the farm is titled. A further 7.2 hectares of flat land has the fish habitats carved out of it and this is where you will find the property’s structures. A cabana with a kitchen for the caretaker and family, 2 large cisterns for holding fish, and a third concrete structure is used as a welcome office, storage facility and incubation room for the small trout. This portion of the property is currently Right of Possession, but has an open application for Title. The remaining 16 hectares slopes up the edges of the valley, this is where the Geisha coffee is being grown, and where the farm meets the cloud forest. A title is also being applied for the 16 hectare portion.


Throughout the farm are many beautiful attributes which contribute to its potential for generating income. Really the possibilities are endless, however there are a few successful avenues already being exploited on the land and the draw for a touristic endeavor is obvious! Multiple possible streams of income are as follows:

- Potable spring water for bottling or bio-degradable packaging, Artesenal well already gushing!
- Trout farming and touristic fishing, there are already 20 ponds with thriving trout!
- Rock Climbing, there is a popular rock face called “Los Ladrillos” in the area, invite the climbing
community to the exposed rock of the valley.
- Cabanas or a hotel for all the hikers and birders that frequent the area, and eco lodge is a wonderful
option in touristy Boquete.
- Geisha Coffee is a lucrative bean! Expanding the plantation and nurturing its growth, could lead you
down the path of a destination café or tasting room.
- Some vegetables and fruit which are not common in Panama will grow at the climate provided by this
farms altitude. Investigate and propagate!

Road Access

High Altitude

Income Generating

Road Accessible

Proximity to national park

Sweet water source




High Altitude Farm with Mutliple Streams of Income

USD 2,500,000

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ID: 0184

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Titled, RoP

Lot size:

23 hectares


Los Naranjos, Bajo Mono, Chiriqui, Panama


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