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This big juicy jungle gem is 6 hectares + 1223 m2, and fully titled- a rare find in the islands of Bocas del Toro! Located on Isla Bastimentos, the largest and wildest of the archipelago, the property is close to the access trail to Red frog Beach, and is close to one of Bocas del Toro's most sought after eco retreats, called La Loma. The neighbors to the back are "Bastimentos holdings", which owns the red frog villa estate, and the Marina, the environment is peaceful, and safe.

The property has an abundance of fresh water, with 2 springs and a beautiful pond. Both springs already have the infrastructure in place to dam the water as back up for the rain catchment system. The ocean front is an excellent place to moor sailboats as the bay's name "Bahia Honda" means "deep bay". It is completely sheltered and the area has been used historically as a storm hide out since the days of the spanish conquistadores and pirates.

The majority of the 6 + hectares is jungle, which has been lovingly preserved as a home for the White faced Capuchins, two and three toed Sloths, night monkeys, raccoons, Armadillos, Caimans, Anteaters, Pacas, 4 eyed gray and woolly Opossum, iguanas, boas, lizards and Bats that call this island home! The space around the home is well manicured and there are paths that lead from the pond to the other sweet water sources. In this manicured area you will find hundreds of producing fruit trees...Pineapple, coconut, breadfruit, mango, jackfruit, banana, plantain, sour sop, biriba, water/rose apple, lemon, lime, sour orange are all at arms reach.





Rain Water Catchment

Solar System





Built to American standards, the 3 story home sits on a beautiful elevated building site, catch the Bocas del toro sunsets. The home has 2 bedrooms and 1 bathrooms on the top floor, and an open concept kitchen, living and dining space on the main floor, with the second bathroom and a laundry room. The ground level is a large bodega with storage and the utility room. A deck spans the width of the house, facing the sea, for ocean breeze and pretty views,from there, you'll often see Dolphins swim by.


15 solar panels on roof
2 septic tanks 1100 liters each
2 water tanks 2500 liters each
new lithium batteries (1.5 months old)
New Hot Water Heater
Magnum 120v/240v Inverter(1.5 yrs old).

Fruit Trees

Ocean View

proximity to beach






The home comes with the following extras:

- 19 ft Panga with a 40 hp Suzuki outboard (5 years old)
- A new Bimini top for boat (still in box)
- A new dual fuel 12000w generator as back up for Solar system


Retreat Potential

Bastimentos Oceanfront Jungle Gem

USD 950,000

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