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A beachfront property teeming with potential! The possibilities in paradise are endless and this advertisement could lead you in a variety of directions... 1) buy the Drago Beachfront home and business outright, including its very own micro mill 2) Partner with the current owner and own a hill top for your very own beachfront home or 3) Invest with the current owners to complete their beachfront hotel concept! Open to all the avenues of change, the Drago Beachfront home and business is the perfect initiation to your new tropical lifestyle.





This property is made of 1.5 hectares of beachfront land with road access, via a gated community on the exclusive North Coast of Isla Colon. The white sandy beaches are protected by a reef which breaks the continuous turquoise waves of the Caribbean sea, and the property is backed by a massive swath of pure jungle. The land slopes up from the flat beachfront lawn to 3 hill tops. The first hill top is accessible from the driveway, this is where the home is located, and beside it, the small mill planes local hardwoods for the production of the current owner's designer homes. 

The rural community of Drago is located about 40 minutes from the island's down town peninsula, along a gravel road, which is currently being improved and paved. Public transport is available nearby, approximately an 8 minute drive from the home.  The private portion of the road is made for 4x4 vehicles and is maintained by the residents within the community. This area is known for its iconic island "Swan Cay" or "Bird Island", many tour boats circle the island but never come ashore. On the South end of Drago there is a popular beach bar open throughout the day, and access to one of Bocas del Toro's top tourist spots, Starfish Beach. 



Ocean View




The 3 bedroom home opens completely to a magnificent view of the Caribbean Sea and the gorgeous Bird Island. The three bedrooms have access to a communal loft upstairs, and have beautiful calming views of the jungle. The entire ocean facing section of the home is the living space, and adjacent to the home is an outdoor kitchen and bathroom. The mill has been a solid source of income for the last 6 years, and the tools of which can be negotiated into the sale of the property should a buyer wish to continue the business.


The Drago Beachfront Property, Home and Business is perfect for: The young escapee
Escaping to the tropics already, but you're not retired? Pick up this business and beach home for a life reset. A beautiful place to raise a family and live closer to nature, this new chapter comes complete with a new job

The Drago Beachfront Property, Home and Business is perfect for: a private resort
With master plans already drawn, access to building materials and a talented builder with experience in Bocas del Toro... investors are welcome to introduce themselves, the current owner is looking for partners to complete this beautiful business model



Drago Beachfront and Business

USD 650,000

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