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In the Gulf of Chiriqui rock islands jutt up from the sea dramatically like Jurassic Park's Isla Nublar, and not far off considering the fictional island was located west of Costa Rica! We assure you, Isla Mono is real and there are no dinosaurs....though some of the world's largest creatures still flock to the area in great pods. The gulf of Chiriqui is a sacred birthing place for the humpback whales of the Southern AND Northern hemisphere, and whale season is even more entertaining than a 1990's blockbuster!





A real treasure, this 8.5 hectare private island, has an elevation of 20 - 25 meters, and a solid rock base, not to be eroded away anytime soon! The island is wild, with not a hint of human to be found, rock bays on the windward side look smooth as though the wind has shaped their trees over centuries,  and there is one small beach on the island's leeward coast. The island has its own fresh water spring and is only 200 meters offshore. It faces the gorgeous Bejuco peninsula to the North East, and the rest of the exotic Gulf of Chiriqui Archipelago to the South West.


The Private Tropical Island in the Gulf of Chiriqui is perfect for: A Luxury Eco Lodge
The Boca Chica area has the highest rental rate, per night, in the whole country. There is a reason for this! Its absolutely stunning, there is incredible fishing, and there is a feeling of exclusivity paired with renting a private boat and captain for the day and beach hopping with no one in sight. Boca Chica is home to one of Panama's top destination hotels called Isla Palanque,which has been showcased in  variety of magazines like Luster, Lampoon, Issuu, Nuvo and Island Home Magazine!  An all inclusive for the adventurous!

The Private Tropical Island in the Gulf of Chiriqui is perfect for: anything your heart desires
What does one do with a private island? Lounge...wander.... paint,build,dance.... Breed dinosaurs? 



Ocean View


Private island


Private island


Pacific Private Island Isla Mona

USD 2,550,000

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