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Boat access only, Villa F&B offers it’s guests the most exclusive Bocas del Toro experience. Truly Boutique, the hotel can house up to 6 couples at a time and is known for its delicious, authentic French cuisine. Over the first two operational year, Villa F&B carved out a rating of 9.8/10, which is almost unheard of in the area. Guests enjoy king sized beds, outdoor dining, a selection of tours and a pool with an incredible western view.

The Villa F&B off grid Boutique hotel is often privately booked for large events, as the communal space can seat up to 40 people for a catered function.


Nestled in a calm bay, surrounded by fantastical undulating mangroves, the views from this off grid boutique hotel are one of a kind. Completely protected from the movement of the sea, and the potential for erosion, the hotel sits proudly on a small land mass that juts off the westward side of Isla Solarte.

Roughly a 15 minute boat ride from Bocas Town, 10 minutes from the entrance of Red Frog Beach, and a straight shot to the postcard islands of Zapatillas, the off grid boutique hotel is centrally located to maximize tourist’s experiences. The majority of the boat transport to and from this wonderful location, is through a protected channel between Isla Solarte and Isla Cristobal, this is an important factor when considering off grid logistics.


Professional kitchen

Back up generator



Licences and permits


Rain water collection

Solar system


Water filtration





Mauro TERNO, an Italian architect based in Bocas del Toro, who has specialized in luxury construction in the Caribbean, was selected to design the Villa F&B off grid boutique Hotel. The owner’s goal was to combine tradition with modernity, while promoting the exceptional view of the bay from each room whether you are on the terrace or sitting in bed. He followed, with his team of carpenters, the rules and standards in force in Panamanian construction, earthquake-resistant foundations, reinforcement of structural elements, construction adapted to the constraints of large openings, and weather resilient materials for the swimming pool.

The swimming pool is self-supporting in a reinforced concrete and wood structure with a coating in polyester fiber and resin to ensure water resistance and flexibility. The building materials have been selected from among the finest and most suitable local woods, a mixture of nispero, almendro and bateo for floors, concrete for the wall between the bed and the bathroom, a “Securit” glass wall for the shower, taps and contemporary quality fittings for the bathrooms, to ensure durability and ease of use.

The newly built off grid Boutique Hotel is painted a fresh white, to accentuate the vibrancy of the nature that surrounds. The bright green field of low lying mangroves stands out against the red ginger and hibiscus that surround the property. Views of the turquoise waters of the lagoon in front, and the mainland mountain ranges in the distant horizon are all focal points from the rooms and common spaces.

The two twin, 2 story buildings are separated by the communal area, with a large professional kitchen, and the covered dining space, all furnished with custom handcrafted furniture. Each building has 2 units on the ground floor, the rooms are a clean and simple design and have floor to ceiling windows, king sized beds and ensuite bathrooms. On the top floors of the the buildings are 2 suites of 2 bedrooms each. The bedrooms in the suites are connected by large living rooms and form independent and private apartments for up to 4 people. 1 of the 2 double bedroom suites currently serves as managers quarters.


Villa F&B Off Grid Boutique Hotel is perfect for the Hotelier:

A stream line design, though uncomplicated, the hotel is uncompromising in its deliverance of sophistication in a breathtaking natural setting. The owners had lived in Bocas del Toro, and worked in hospitality for years before designing not only the hotel, but the experience they offer to their visitors. All this knowledge comes with the purchase of Villa F&B, to be continued as a successful Off Grid Boutique Hotel.

Villa F&B Off Grid Boutique Hotel is perfect for Fractional Ownership:

This Hotel would be a great opportunity for individuals to join forces in the purchase of a holiday home. Dividing the time among themselves, or renting units on Airbnb, Villa F&B would be a great investment for Caribbean Part- Timers

Villa F&B Off Grid Boutique Hotel is perfect for a Marina:

Build a “Hurricane Hole” in the bay of the protective mangroves, and house sailors as they wait out the storms of the Caribbean. Panama is known to be a safe area during hurricane season, so many sailboats visit and stay until the coast is clear, or until they have prepared the boat for the canal crossing.

Proximity to national park

Coral reef


Jungle view

Ocean view

Proximity to beach



If you would like to see more incredible commercial opportunities like the Villa F&B off grid Boutique Hotel, please visit either Roots Real Estate’s Commercial page, or our Off Grid page. Happy House Hunting!



Villa F B Private Bay Boutique Hotel

USD $1,550,000

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