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The landscaping work at the Tierra Oscura Waterfront Home is an excellent example of how working with nature, can inspire a beautiful result. The coastal garden on this property is what dreams are made of, using the natural ebb and flow of the gentle Caribbean tides, the owner has created a large pond where cranes and other preditors like Camen, arrive for their daily catch. The earth around the pond has been built up and a rock sea wall has been added to create a prominent divide between land and sea, while respecting the space around the mangroves, honoring the many species that call this property home. The land around the home has wonderful elevation and is planted with a long list of exotic fruits.


This custom home built on the mainland of Bocas del Toro, just got a lot more accessible! A new road has been carved from the Almirante Highway down to the town of Tierra Oscura, which means this home is now only a 2 minute boat ride from road access, where you can park your car for mainland excursions.

Full kitchen


Boat house

Boat lift





Rain water collection




North Facing, the Tierra Oscura Waterfront Home avoids direct light in the interior throughout the day, and has windows and doors on all sides to invite the breeze and maintain a cooler temperature. An open kitchen and bar looks out into the living and dining spaces, where large windows expose a panoramic ocean view to the north and large sliding glass doors lead to the covered patio on the east. The home has 3 bedrooms, and 3 bathrooms which offer plenty of space for guests, as well a a Cabana with a separate enterance, which needs finishing touches. The beginning stages of a pool are in place, all that needs to be completed is the tiling and filtration system. A 5000 w Solar system powers this sprawling home, water is sourced from a rainwater catchment system, as well as a well.


The Tierra Oscura Waterfront Home is perfect for: the Sailor
The deepwater Bay out front is perfectly protected from the open seas, with layers of islands separating it from the open waters of the Caribbean Sea.

The Tierra Oscura Waterfront Home is perfect for: the Homesteader
With so much land, a mature fruit garden, a year long growing season, and a fresh water source ( besides the rain) you could live here autonomously quite well.

The Tierra Oscura Waterfront Home is perfect for: Touristic Development
Think rolling hills of lawn with elevation for views and flat patches to build cabins. Mainland jungle and coral Reef to explore. Fruit bearing trees for farm to table fresh breakfasts. This property is the perfect starter pack for anyone interested in developing an Eco-lodge.

Ocean view

Coral reef




Jungle view

Sweet water source




Tierra Oscura properties are known for their calm waters, gorgeous coral reefs and thick layers of Magrove forest, that frame the land in bright green tufts and border the coast lines of the deep water bays. It’s important to note that these eco-systems serve as homes and nurseries for many coral reef fish, sponges and anemones and the fishing targets Tarpon, Jacks, Gruper and Snook. A study on the Mesoamerican reef showed that there are as many as 25 times more fish on reefs close to mangrove areas than in areas where mangroves have been cut down. Mangrove forests are vitally important to coral reef protection , and in fact, your new real estate investment too! The dense root systems of mangrove forests trap sediments and prevents erosion from lapping tides and storms. Thankfully, it is illegal in Bocas del Toro to cut down these irreplaceable eco-systems.


Tierra Oscura Waterfront Home

USD $400,000

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