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Isla Pastores is a small island chain made up of 2 islands and small cays, connected by a vibrant coral reef and tufts of mangroves. The name Isla Pastores translates to Shepard Island, it depicts a shepard leading his flock, or the small islands trailing behind the large one. This 2 and half hectare Island Oasis is located at the tail end of the smaller island, which is individually named Cayo Roldan.

A 10 Hectare property is also for sale on Cayo Roldan, the purchase of both would allow you almost complete exclusivity of the island.




Rain water collection





A triangular shape, this south facing point has coast on 2 of its 3 sides. The southern shore line is exposed bedrock with burmuda grass right up to the water’s edge. The eastern shoreline is an interesting mangrove formation, with tunnels and channels for you to kayak through.

The property has good elevation and erosion is not a problem, thanks to bedrock of the island.


Upon arriving at the 20 foot dock, a path leads you up to a 1 year old foundation for a home. The footprint of the foundation is 30x 30 feet, and the pilings where installed by a French Master builder, and are made of concrete and rebar filled PVC.

Past the building site the path continues half way to the top of the property, where there is a storage building that serves as a garage for an ATV or Utility Vehicle, a work shop and rain water collection and storage.


The Green Point Island Oasis is perfect for the Island dweller:

This charming and affordable property is ready for your home design, with pillings already installed for you to build off.

The Green Point Island Oasis is perfect for aquiring a private island:

Purchasing with the 10 Hectare Cayo Roldan Listing, allows almost full exclusivity of the entire southern Island of Isla Pastores – Cayo Roldan.

The Green Point Island Oasis is perfect for the Coral Restorer:

There are a few key points to consider when looking for the ideal location to start a coral resoration project, and it seems like this property could be a successful host to a regenerative mission. With little to no boat traffic, protection from the open ocean, both steep and shallow drops into the depths of the ocean, and barely any contaminated run-off thanks to the bedrock of this property, your little coral babies may find the environmental support they need to adapt to the changing climate.

Coral reef


Jungle view

Ocean view



If you love the idea of Island Living and would like to see more Off-Grid Waterfront Options like the Green Point Island Oasis, please visit Roots Real Estate Panama’s Off-Grid page.


Green Point Island Oasis

USD $130,000

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