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“I surfed the world for an uncrowded wave, and found this jem.” Have Playa Pelicano all to yourself! There are 3 different left/right peaks right in front of the house – when you aren’t surfing them, enjoy the seabreeze and tropical seclusion of this extremely unique beach property, where adventures are endless.


The Surfer’s Secret Cabana is an income producing vacation rental! The newly built, off-grid structure has an airy, open layout. It’s made from stunning native wood and looks down on an empty Caribbean beach. The Cabana comes furnished, and has both indoor & outdoor showers, a master bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen, and a large living with dining and additional beds.


Though walking distance from Bastimentos National Park, you wont need to leave this half acre paradise to engulf yourself in nature. The lot is surrounded by jungle, beach and a creek, where you can spot hummingbirds, parrots, pelicans, sloths & monkeys right from home.

From the beach in the front yard, swim out to snorkel with coral, fish, lobster & turtles. Hike in literally ANY direction, to explore all that Bastimentos has to offer. Zero light pollution makes nights at the Surfer’s Secret Cabana a true escape to the wild.



Fully furnished

Rain water collection

Solar system




The Village of Salt Creek encourages visitors while protecting the natural resources within and around their community through the locally managed eco-tourism group. Ngobe guides lead guests into the jungle to learn about the native plants and animals.

A village member, Bumba, has been an integral part of building and maintaining the Surfer’s Secret Cabana. An excellent boat driver and fisherman, with extensive knowledge of the area and the reefs, Bumba makes himself available to facilitate tours that may be of interest, like visiting the Zapatilla Islands, or viewing the Hawksbill turtle nesting and hatching.

Cell phone signal is available 1 minute from the cabin on a neighbors hill. They love to share, but installing an internet tower could be a possibility if a buyer would need to work remotely.


The Surfer’s Secret Cabin is income producing! This off the beaten path vacation rental is fully booked, but new projects are underway each week. Since the photoshoot new murals have been painted, the cabin has been re furnished and taken to the next level of comfort for all the grateful guests. Read three top reviews below:

SOFIA: “Fantastic place. Beautifully designed house with everything you might need and a secluded beach at your doorstep. You can walk for hours down the beaches or through the forest. We had our seven-year-old daughter with us who loved the place as well. We full-heartedly recommend this unusual and unique place, that we will surely never forget.”
LOIS: “If you’re looking for unspoiled beaches and jungle, off grid living and a chance to escape the stresses of the modern world, playa pelicano is perfect.”
DENISE: “It is the ONLY home that has a private surf break as well – you have the waves all to yourself”


The property comes with a share in a boat, plus a mooring right in front of the cabana, inside the reef. There are four different reef passes to access the cabana depending on the swell size. There is also a walking trail from the Cabana straight to Salt Creek, if you want to park the boat on the leeward side of the island for Bumba to watch and bring back around for pick ups and drop offs.


- a half-share in a 75hp Yamaha Enduro motor & boat accessories with the next neighbor (who owns the boat and mooring) lowering the ownership costs
- all furniture, fittings, and homewares throughout the cabin
- tools, materials, and supplies in 2 sheds
- surfing, snorkeling, yoga and slackline sporting gear
- trusted employee as caretaker, gardener, security and boatman
- arrangement with neighbors for an internet tower or fiberoptic

Proximity to national park

Coral reef


Jungle view

Ocean view

Proximity to beach

Rental income




The Surfer’s Secret Cabana is perfect for the Escapist:

This property is uniquely situated in an award winning community of Bocas del Toro Eco-adventure lodges and resorts. If you are searching for your own secluded beach on an island in paradise, you’ve found the listing!

The Surfer’s Secret Cabana is perfect for an income producing adventure vacation home:

While you aren’t enjoy the beach and the p rivate surf, rent out your beautiful investment and fill your pockets with cash and happy review


Playa Pelicano Surfer's Secret Cabana

USD $160,000

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