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Cauchero is a densly wooded district sparsley inhabited by humans, it reaches from the mountians of the continental divide, across the Almirante/Rambala Highway. It borders Bocas del Toro’s Indiginous Comarca and touches the Caribbean Sea via the peninsula that separeates the great Chiriqui Lagoon from the Protected waters of the Tierra Oscurra Lagoon.

The property is located between the port town of Almirante and the farming community of Rambala which are both rapidly developing. Almirante has a brand new hospital, and Rambala is developing a large shopping center which will attract expats from all over the Bocas del Toro Archipelago, and prevent their travels to David. The Mainland of Bocas del Toro shows high potential in eco-tourism, but is mainly inhabited by dispersed private family homes and farms.


This massive swath of Primary Jungle in Cauchero is a treasure trove of bio-diversity, virgin forest, and is known by many in the area to be home to the Jaguar.




The Massive Seafront property is comprised of four separate farms, two of them are titled and 2 are Right of Possession. The first Titled farm is 97 hectares and 1779.40 m2, the second Titled farm 95 hectares and 6888.5 m2 m2, meaning a total of 192 Titled hectares. The Right of Posession farms are 30 Hectares and 24 Hectares providing 54 Hectares more.

The Northern limits of the property align the Rio Cauchero all the way to its mouth at the Chiriqui Lagoon, where a 200 meter strip of Mangrove forest buffers the property’s union with the sea. The Southern and some of the Western borders of the property are wrapped by the Quebrada Grande. Along the West side, a pedestrian trail leads to neighboring lots which are mostly farmed, and connects to the highway located about 1.8 kilometers further West.

The property has both primary and secondary forest throughout. About 35% is hilly, while the rest of the land is flat. There is a wide variety of native species of tropical hardwood including Laurel, Cedar, Oak, Zapatero and Cerillo among others, which are spread uniformly over the property.

The farmed portions of the property are covered with national grasses Faragua and Delight, though there are some areas where pasture has been improved upon, which are growing Rattana , Bracharius, Decumbre and more. In these deforested areas thousands upon thousands of Bananas grow.


A small house built in 2011 has been created near the Cauchero River. It is made of rock masonry covered in concrete on the ground level, with polishes concrete floors. The open concept kitchen is separated from the living space by a bar, and beyond is 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom. In the living space a wooden stair case leads upstairs to the second floor where a spacious bedroom and ensuite bathroom are located, as well as a covered veranda.



Jungle view

Mountain view

Ocean view

Proximity to national park

Sweet water source




The Massive Primary Forest Property in Cauchero is perfect for Sustainable Forestry:

An in depth evaluation of the Massive Reforestation project has been written in 2015, and factors well over 5 million dollars worth of hard wood that can be extracted sustainably, following ANAM’s recommended method. We can only imagine that with the lumber prices as they are, this evaluation is well below todays market value.

Note: This property is subject to the restrictions of ANAM’s law 41. This law establishes the basic principles and standards for protection (conservation and recovery of the environment, promoting the sustainable use of natural resources.) In addition, it orders environmental management and integrates it with social and economic objectives, chosen to achieve sustainable human development in the country. It also establishes a general framework on information and participation in environmental matters, and liability for environmental damage.

The Massive Primary Forest Property in Cauchero is perfect for Sustainable Forestry:

As many of us believe, primary forest is worth more standing than chopped. This property has exceptional amounts of old growth trees and unique eco-systems home to an incredible array of animals, birds and plant species. Being surrounded by rivers, estuaries and mangroves the transitional zones are bound to provide excellent places for wildlife spotting. It is as well located before the port of Bocas del Toro on the highway connecting to the rest of the country. For travelers heading north from the rest of Panama, this location would be a wonderful stop and access point to Bocas del Toro’s Archipelago.



246 Hectares with 2 KMs of Seafront and 2 Rivers

USD $8,450,000

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RoP Titled

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246 hectares


Cauchero, Bocas del Toro


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