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A breath of French Aire in Bocas del Toro, this immaculate Luxury Eco Lodge has a 9.5 reputation on, and is one of the only options of this caliber in the area. Expertly designed and built by a Parisian Master Builder with guest experience in every detail.



back up generator


boat house




outdoor kitchen


professional kitchen

rain water collection




​Located on Isla Pastor, this high-end Retreat is nestled in voluptuous Jungle, it’s 300 meters of waterfront is aligned by an exquisite Coral Reef. The cabins and common space are all built to highlight a truly unique property feature- a waterfall stream that cascades the length of the property.

Guests arrive by private boat to a two story rancho perched over the crystal clear Caribbean sea. From here they can launch their paddleboard and snorkle adventures, or jump in from the top floor. Where the board walk of the dock meets the land, guests are then ushered up the hill in a all terain vehicle to the restaurant, bar and pool site. Each cabin at the Luxury Eco Lodge is unique and accessible from the main building via lanscaped pathways, which are beautifully illuminated at night.

​The attractiveness of operating a business on an island undoubtedly comes with the reality of boat commutes. A huge advantage of Finca Vela’s location is it’s proximity to port, Almirante is only 10 minutes away, making guest’s pick ups and replenishing kitchen stocks a breeze.


​Beyond the impressiveness of the Luxury Eco Lodge’s design, craftsmanship and natural beauty, the hotel underwent extensive renovations during the pandemic. The improvements all contribute to the flawless operation of the site, and will mean much less maintenance in years to come.

The off-grid solar system has been updated to state of the art SOL-ARK system, and the batteries have been exchanged to an Evaul 18.5kwh lithium battery. The Generator has been upgraded to a new HIMOINSA system which is soundpoof and automatically initiates to protect batteries if they reach low levels.

The owners have perfectly maintained the cabins, pool and common area, bar/restaurant and dock throughout the travel ban, ensuring the structures of the property maintain their value. All the roofs have been redone in synthetic palm and are guaranteed for 20 years. Two natural bug repellant systems have been installed one for the cabins near the sea, and one at the top of the property.

The patios of the Mariposa and Treehouse cabins have been redone in Almendro, extremely resistant to rot. The dock has been redone in Almendro, and the stair case to the infinity pool and restaurant has been renovated with a beautifully hand crafted stone wall.

The kitchen has been renovated to offer more storage, and it now has a new stainless steel sink and a professional dishwasher. Beneath the main building is a new laundry room.
​These top of the line investments ensure a smooth execution of everyday logistics and grately affect the ultimate comfort of the guests, while staying true to the green heart of the project.

Rental income

Coral reef



Jungle view

Ocean view








Cabanas Pelican, Treehouse, Colibri:
Three double occupancy Cabanas with 1 bathroom each

Casa Rana Verde:
One 5 person lodge for 2 adults 3 children

Cabana Mariposa
One 4 person lodge for 2 adults, 2 children

Casa Cayuko
One 2 bedroom house with kitchen, 1 room for 2 children and 2 adults, and 1 room for 2 adults

Central Building
3 large rooms with rental potential, Restaurant, Kitchen , Bar

Pool House and Electricity Room, Gift shop
nine 10,000 liter water tanks

​Staff Housing:
4 bedrooms, 1 bathrooms, kitchen

Tool House:
Two 13,000 watt diesel generators

A wood/ metal shop
Bodega and plant nursery/ medicinal herb garden
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Luxury Eco Lodge Bocas Del Toro

USD $1,800,000

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