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If you have ever planned a trip to Bocas del Toro, you have surely come across the touristic gem, Cayo Coral. Pictures of the over the water restaurant and cabanas dominate the search engines, with the brightly painted buildings connected by boardwalks over the crystalline Caribbean sea. Cayo Coral is a destination in itself, guests come to stay in the cabins, snorkel the coral gardens, and eat fresh seafood on their way to and from the nationally protected Zapatilla Islands.


Licences and permits

Back up generator


Club house

Full kitchen

Fully furnished

Professional kitchen

Rain water collection







There is a lot of enterprising activity at Cayo Coral, and still so much potential to be explored. Serving local neighbors, the vagrant population of adventure tourists, and Panamanians escaping the city, there is never a low season at this must see treasure of the archipelago.

As the highest frequented location of the Bocas Botero’s tour options, the main attraction at Cayo Coral is the over the water restaurant. From this center stage, stairs drop into the sea for easy access to the famous reef, for all ages and physical abilities.

Apart from tropical blended drinks, ice cold beer, fresh Red Snapper and Lobster ( when in season), the collection of businesses spans across the development to a snorkel rental shop, a convenience store, and a gas station.

If visitors are not ready to leave this paradise, over the water rentals are available to stay the night. Pilings are in place for future expansion, and one can easily imagine the success of an over the water bungalow project in this exact location.


Cayo Coral is made up of 12 over the water structures aligned between the vibrant reef and the south coast of the mangrove Cay. From East to West here is a list of the buildings:

One large two level family unit sits in a private mangrove bay, on stilts plunged deep into the white sand sea floor.
The largest building of the over the water development is the Restaurant’s kitchen, with a covered dining space, it is wrapped by a huge sun deck
1 large covered dining space off the front sun deck
1 satellite hut for dining off the sun deck, with a thatch roof
Behind the Restaurant and dining huts are public washrooms.
1 two story “A frame” cabin located behind the restaurant for rentals
1 one story over the water bungalow for rentals
The convenience store/ snorkel gear shop
Bodega/Gas station
The owner’s over the water home, behind the Store
One private cabana with a queen sized bed, and direct views of the Zapatillas Islands on the far East side of the Cay
12th building near the Zapatillas view Cabana, houses a kitchen and bathroom, for longer term, self catered visitors.

Proximity to beach

Coral reef


Jungle view

Mountain view

Ocean view

Proximity to national park

Rental income







The Iconic Bocas del Toro Cayo Coral Property is perfect for Over the Water Tourism:

Possibilities are endless, but one thing is for sure, Cayo Coral is embedded in the culture of Bocas del Toro, it is ingrained in the tour circuit, and it encapsulates the experience travelers seek from the Archipelago. Take the torch and run with this ticket to toursitic success.

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Private island


Coral Cay Bocas del Toro

USD $3,200,000

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