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This massive property gets its name from its top secret entrance… it is so well hidden, after living in Bocas for almost 10 years we had never seen or heard of it! The entrance is located about 35 minutes from Bocas Town, on the leeward side of Isla Bastimentos. Through cathedral-like mangrove tunnels, a secret creek weaves its way 800 meters inland through the center of this sprawling emerald pasture land.



Staff housing













The Bastimentos Secret Creek’s 77 Hectares have been planted with Faragua grass, and have raised cattle for the last 60 years. The soil has been enriched by the cover crop, the creek’s nutrients, and the consistent fertilization it receives from the grazers. The topography is mostly flat with a higher ridge at the back sloping up into the jungle. About a third of the property has been kept wild and is host to all of the native species of Isla Bastimentos, as it borders the National Park. There are trails nearby to access the beaches on the opposite side of the island.


The Bastimentos Secret Creek property is perfect for an offgrid farming community:

If 77 hectares seems like it’s too much, imagine segregating lots. The property could be divided along the river so each investor would have their own private river access leading to the sea. Leave the back portion as a large pasture and orchard, build the communal stables and carve out boat slips for each investor- you’ll have the beautiful beginnings of an off grid farming community.

Sweet water source


Jungle view

Proximity to beach

Proximity to national park




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Secret Creek Bastimentos

USD 2,500,000

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