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The Larger of two lots left in this big, green, park like property, only minutes from town at a peaceful elevated location just after the "Y". The two lots are adjacent to one another, and can be sold together if the buyer desires the whole 3 hectares.

A landscaper's dream, the small lakes of freshwater offer the perfect drainage sites to keep the land hydrated but not marshy. Over the years as the pond beds have grown over with aquatic grasses they have become home to a great diversity of birds and reptiles. It wont take much to magnify the natural beauty of this small wet land, and elevate the natural elements and water features to a more manicured garden.
In this 1.7 hectare property a driveway connects from the main road and leads around the pond wrapped by an horseshoe shaped elevated area, the perfect location for a home or a cute row of cabanas.


As the main island of the Bocas del Toro Archipelago rapidly evolves around you, find solace at this easily accessible secluded oasis.




Isla Colon is going through big big changes! New roads, paved roads, bike lanes, hydro electric power and newly tapped aquifers, there is no doubt we are in for a boom. This little hideaway stays quiet and green all year, a perfect escape from the dust an noise of development, a place where time stands as still as the white egrets and herons in your very own pond.

Road Access

Water Feature

Proximity to town

public transit



Parklike Paradise Lot 2

USD $ 165,000

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ID: 0215

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Chambres à coucher:

Planchers :

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La taille du lot:

1.7 hectares


Isla Colon, Bocas del Toro, Panama


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