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A Unicorn in Bocas, this property has it all!

We always ask our clients for a wishlist... and usually Mother Nature can provide 9 out 10 points! The conflict always arises when people want a sandy beach, and calm water to dock their boat year round. The truth is, usually sandy beaches appear on the windward side of islands where there are big waves, and boat access can't be guaranteed....For this reason we get really excited when we have the opportunity to offer properties which have the best of both worlds, legendary paradises like the following property on Isla Bastimentos.





Located on the leeward side of Isla Bastimentos, this 1.1 hectare property is lined with a white sand beach. A huge coral reef grows perpendicular to the coast without inhibiting barefoot wading and swimming access. The seas of this protected coast line are incredibly inviting and safe, there is even the fresh water Cedar Creek which borders the back side of the land. Call it a Unicorn, call it a White Buffalo, this property is a perfect example of a treasure on earth.


The Calm Water Beach Property is perfect for: Those who appreciate natural wonder.

Today's the day you can have your cake and eat it too. Build that dock, park that boat rain or shine, and enjoy your toes in the sand, and the relaxing lapping of the waves on the quiet side of Bastimentos.

The Calm Water Beach Property is perfect for: a small eco resort

Yea we say this alot, but really... this is a great spot for over the water cabanas. Super close to Bocas highlights like Cayo Coral and the Zapatillas Islands, and other successful and iconic Offgrid Hotels like Al Natural, Casa Cayuco and Azul Paradise.


Calm Water

Fresh Water


Coral Reef



Calm Water Beach Bocas del Toro

USD 410,000

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Chambres à coucher:

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La taille du lot:

1.1 hectare


Cedar Creek, Isla Bastimentos, Bocas del Toro, Panama


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