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The calm watered Toucan Bay is located on the leeward side of Isla Popa, a 35 minute boat ride from Bocas Town. Isla Popa has 2 indigenous communities, a beach and the famous hotel Popa Paradise... but the area is developing further, 10 minutes from the home is a new water taxi station at Loma Partida which services Bocas Town and the mainland port town of Chirqui Grande. At Loma partida you will also find a gas station and market for basics items.


The Toucan Bay property is 3.9077 hectares (approximately 10 acres) with 470 feet (143 meters) of waterfront. The manicured garden has many mature species of plants, many types of hibiscus, heliconia, bougainvillea, orchids, and ginger with several types of decorative palm including red, Manila and fox tail. The most breathtaking element of the garden is the 9 mammoth palms which complement the royal blue of the home with their variegated regalness.

The back portion is a finca is producing bananas, ucca, dachine, lime, cacao, pineapple, coconut, guava, mango, breadfruit, soursop and orange. The property is also home to a huge variety of wildlife, three different types of Toucans and the gorgeous Aracari have inspired the property’s name. Every color combination of Tanager frequents the garden as well as the Oropendola, Doves, Hawks, Red headed woodpeckers, Kiskadee, Hummingbirds, Owls, Amazon Parrots and Parakeets, Great White Egrets, Vultures and Pelicans.

The waterfront of Toucan Bay has only a few shallow spots with mangrove islands and is capable of anchoring large sail boats. The Bay has been known to shelter Dolphins as they birth and nurse their calves, and the odd turtle has cruised through. The jungle surrounding the property is home to Armadillo, Monkeys and the Three Toed Sloth.


230 degree views of fascinating island landscape, cascade down from this magnificent house perched 125 feet above sea level. Six of Bocas’ major islands and the silhouette of Panama’s Cordillera mountain range are the only constants in your daily view. This property is alive with bird life, blooming tropical flowers, and weather patterns rolling through sight.

Full kitchen

Back up generator


Boat house



Fully furnished


Rain water collection




Within the borders of the completely fenced property, are five buildings plus a covered dock.

From the Toucan Bay dock, a paved driveway climbs 125 feet above sea level, passing the caretaker’s home, the rental cabana and magnificent palms, to bring you to the fabulous Main House. Consisting of three buildings, the areas of which add up to 1800 square feet and are surrounded by an extra 1700 square foot deck. One of the three buildings houses the master bedroom and bath, the second has two bedrooms and a shared bath, and in the center, the third building has the living area and kitchen which are wired with surround sound. Behind the open concept kitchen and dining room is the Laundry room. All the walls and ceilings have fiberglass batt insulation and all the sliding windows and doors are bronze aluminum with ¼” bronze glass.

The solar system for the main house at Toucan Bay is a 48 volt system by Outback with (12) 280 watt solar panels, a new 12,000 watt generator for backup power and (16) six volt batteries. The hot water system is on demand propane. Water is collected from the roof, stored in two 2,500 liter tanks (650 gallons each) under the house, filtered and uses 110 volt on demand pumps.

The bodega and workshop next to the main house has a total of 930 square feet, it has electricity and can be locked. The bodega is now used for property maintenance tools and the shop is used for woodworking tools.

The Toucan Bay Cabana is 410 square feet and is completely self-sufficient with an on demand propane hot water system, a 24 volt solar system by Outback with (8) 135 watt solar panels and (8) Trojan six volt batteries. The Cabana includes a kitchen with a 10 volt refrigerator and a propane stove, a bathroom with a shower, a small bodega and a 60 square foot outside work station. The front porch adds an additional 130 square feet. This building has a new 10,000 watt gasoline generator for backup power. Water is collected from the roof and stored in two large tanks and filtered. Pressurized water is provided by an on demand 120 volt water pump.

The caretaker’s house is one room with a deck. It is situated near the dock and has a water catchment system.


ROOFS: the caretakers house, covered dock, Cabana and the main house buildings are roofed in standing seam metal (no exposed fasteners). All other buildings have standard metal roofs.

LUMBER: pressure treated pine including ¾” floor plywood. All walls use 2” X 4” studs with the exception of the front wall of the living room which uses 2” X 6” studs. Floor joists are 2” X 8” with 12” OC at the buildings and 16” OC at the deck. Walls are GWB with the bathroom walls GWB green board (for damp areas). Building floors are ½” Plycem over ¾” pressure treated plywood and then tile. Ceiling joists are 2” X 6” at the two bedroom buildings
and double 2” X 12” (24” OC) at the center building.

FOOTINGS: 4’ X 4’ X 3’ deep concrete base with 10” X 10” concrete verticals, all with rebar cages. Above the concrete footings are 6” X 6” posts with 2’ X 12” support structure and 2” X 6” cross braces. All slab on grade concrete has 3/8” painted rebar at 12” O.C. both directions.

Proximity to beach



Jungle view

Mountain view

Ocean view

Proximity to national park




Majestic Blue Home in Toucan Bay

USD $499,000

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La taille du lot:

10 acres


Bahia Tucan, Isla Popa, Bocas del Toro


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