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$ 133,000.00 USD

Enchanting Riverside Lot in Bajo Mono

Bajo Mono, Boquete, Chiriqui, Panama
The enchanting Riverside Lot is located at the base of the Lost Waterfall trail, among…
$ 1,500,000.00 USD

High Altitude River Valley

A high altitude river valley, for sale in Chiriqui Panama, boasts 97 hectares of cloud…
1 lit
1 de bain

10 hectare abandoned Cacao Farm

10 hectare Cacao Farm in need of some TLC in the form of pruning! Many…
$ 345,000.00 USD

Bocas Mainland Mountain Ridge and Teak Farm

The Mainland Mountain Ridge and Teak Farm is a 100 year old time capsul of…
$ 65,000.00 USD, peut être vendu séparément

Bell Bird Bungalow and 3 titled jungle lots

Cabezera de Cochea, Chiriqui, Panama
Nestled in the cloud forest highlands of Chiriqui, there is a lovely little cabin surrounded…
1 de bain
$ 412,500.00 USD, peut être vendu séparément

Lush Potrerillos Arriba Farm Land

Potrerillos Arriba, Chiriqui, Panama
This property is a perfect example of all that Potrerillos has to offer, black volcanic…
$ 115,000.00 USD

Santa Rita Mirador, Chiriqui

Santa Rita, Chiriqui, Panama
PANORAMIC VIEWS AT THE SANTA RITA MIRADOR PROPERTY It is highly unlikely that your search…
9950 m²
4 lits
2 bains
$ 375,000.00 USD, peut être vendu séparément

Cloud Forest Lots on the Quetzal Trail

Cerro Punta, Chiriqui, Panama
three precious cloud forest lots at the edge of Chiriqui’s Volcan Baru National Park
Discounted NEW
$ 300,000.00 USD, financement du propriétaire disponible

Ocean View Farm in Las Lajas de Tole, Chiriqui

Guabino, Las Lajas de Tole, Chiriqui, Panama
An Ocean View Farm, only 10 minutes from the sea! With pasture grasses and black…
12 hectares