Roots Real Estate Panama celebrates its first birthday!

octubre 02, 2020

Roots Real Estate Panama celebrates its 1st anniversary with a brand new Website, Branding and Marketing Strike!   Happy birthday to us! Looking back on the last year, we know we have a lot to be thankful for: We are grateful for all the exciting contacts we’ve made, and all the amazing places you’ve invited […]

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¡La adicción socialmente aceptada… CAFÉ!

agosto 10, 2020

 We know we’re not the only ones who suffer with drawl if we don’t get our daily cuppa Joe. Second only to oil, coffee is the commodity with the highest volume being exported to the developed world! Its no wonder coffee side projects have been popping up all over the highlands of Panama, where land […]

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Amamos Panamá

 Throughout it’s voluptuous curves, Panama is divided by a mountain range laced with nearly 500 rivers, home to jaguars and packed with bio-diversity. It is surrounded by more than 1500 islands dappling 2500kms of Pacific, Atlantic and Caribbean coastlines. Aligned by coral reef,surf and rich culture, we believe it would be very hard to find another country […]

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Meet the man who saw it coming, the Bocas Legend: MALCOLM HENDERSON.   Whether the world is coming to an end or not, the earth’s reserve of hospitality for human kind is drying up. She doesn’t care how you rate her on TripAdvisor, she’s fully booked anyway.  Our mailboxes, Facebook feeds and news sources are […]

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RUTA SUR CHIRIQUI, the road to undiscovered real estate .

  The Ruta Sur Highway has long been awaiting its final segment over canyon Quisiga, finally linking Boquete to the rest of Chiriqui’s fertile highlands where the majority of the nation’s food is produced. Of course this road goes in two directions! And so, the quaint towns of the highlands are also now linked to […]

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Last week we packed a cooler, a couple of bathing suits ( and the baby) and hit the road in search of new Dream Property Listings. Ye old 4 Runner lead us to the province of Veraguas, to what I can only describe as a secret treasure. PIXVAE.   This is a town where gentlemen […]

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Quiénes Somos

29 de mayo de 2019

  Hi! We thought we’d share a little about us and the story behind Roots Real Estate Panama.  We are Lazare and Carmen, we met in Bocas Del Toro and fell in love there. We managed an Eco Retreat called CocoVivo on Isla Cristobal for 3 years together in one of the most beautiful and […]

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