Finca Los Nubes

Panama Real Estate and Relocation for Green Investors

Finca Los Nubes, Cerro Punta, Chiriqui

High Altitiude Farm Land, surrounded by National Park Amistad

10.5 Hectares

420,000$ USD


Los Nubes in Cerro Punta,  is the town with the highest altitude of Panama. It borders the National Park Amistad, which connects Panama to Costa Rica, creating a corridor for an incredible array of Bio-diversity. The property itself is actually less than a Kilometer from the Bocas Del Toro border, and is located near a trail head connecting the 2 Provinces via 12 hour path. This trek is not yet well known to tourists. 

Half of the property's 10.5 Hectares  is currently being used to grow Broccoli and Cabbage, the operation employs 2 local workers, and there are plans to cultivate the remaining half of the property as well. At 2000 meters above sea level, this farm is ideal for growing the coveted Panama Geisha Coffee Bean. A river runs the south edge of the property line, where a dam has been built by the City.


For such high altitude, and for such pristine nature, access to this property is incredibly easy! A freshly asphalted road connect the property all the way down to the town of Cerro Punta.  

This property is perfect for Eco- Tourism:

The proximity to the gateway of the Amistad National Park, the head of the un-exploited Trans Bocas Trail, and  the head of the Famous Quetzal Trail  (Guadelupe- Boquete), make the property an ideal resting point for Nature Enthusiasts and Trekkers. There are many building sites for cabins on the farm with incredible mountain views

This property is perfect for Agro-Tourism:

As the greatest producer of fresh Vegetables in Panama, Cerro Punta is well known for its Agriculture and breathtaking Geology.

This property is perfect for a Geisha Coffee Farm:

The most valuable bean in the world only grows higher 1600 meters above sea level. Mix this attractive trait with the rich Volcanic soils, and you'll have yourself a very valuable crop at Finca Los Nubes!

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