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Casas de la Libertad

Panama Real Estate and Relocation for Green Investors

Casas de la Libertad, San Cristobal, Bocas Del Toro

1 house, 2 cabins, all over the turquoise water of the Tierra Oscura Lagoon

1 Hectare

 349,000$ USD



Finca La Libertad is a well known Vacation Rental on the Southern tip of Isla Cristobal, one of the least inhabited islands of the Bocas Del Toro Archipelago. The property is 25 minutes by boat from Bocas Town on Isla Colon, where the airport is located, and 20 minutes from the town of Almirante.




All three dwellings on the property face different directions and stand on cement pilings over the Caribbean sea, offering guests  the iconic Bocas Del Toro Experience they seek when planning a vacation. Each studio Cabana is well insulated and privately positioned with excellent ocean views. They each have their own bathroom with large walk in shower and modern septic systems. New owners will inherit the permit to build a third cabin to  increase Vacation Rental Income. Currently the 2 over the water cabanas are producing around 24,000$ per year.


There is a large outdoor kitchen with a fire pit and comfortable seating for guests to enjoy their evenings , as well as a grass roofed-hut perched out over the sea with a second story loft and swinging chair. A perfect launching point for day time snorkeling expeditions or late-night bio-luminescent dips. 


The main home faces west to capture magnificent sunsets from its large waterfront porch. The home has 2 bedrooms and 1 large bathroom with a custom cement shower. The open concept kitchen and living area draws in the natural light from the porch, but feels insulated and private from the rest of the property by the layer of Mangroves in which it is nestled. 

The grounds are flat and well manicured, thanks to two per-like sheep who do the mowing. Outbuildings include a green house, 2 storage bodegas for 600 gallons of rainwater catchment and solar system, as well as 2 covered boat docks. Everything is installed, functional and ready for you to move in and host off-grid.


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