Bongo Fish Farm

Panama Real Estate and Relocation for Green Investors

Bongo Fish Farm, Bongo, Chiriqui

Tropical Riverfront Aquaculture Farm

14,750  m2

125,000 $ USD



The Bongo Fish Farm Project is the perfect jungle retreat to enjoy, on your path to self sustainable living, with 6 large aquaculture ponds & world class volcanic soil to assure success in whatever you grow.




A brand new road and bridge, lead to the Bongo Fish Farm Project, these recent road improvements were part of a Tourism Initiative in Chiriqui, connecting the small highland farming communities to the scenic towns of Boquete and Volcan. The Initiative offers guests from around the world, access to the incredible bio-diversity of the National Park Amistad and invigorates Agro-tourism in the Region.


The Aquaculture ponds on the property are complete with diversion dams and overflow canals, and are fed by a 300 meter creek that runs year round. Each pond is larger than the last and is built solidly with massively reinforced walls.


Separate from the Creek and her Ponds, the property has 250 meters of beautiful Riverfront which boasts a sandy beach to picnic on, as well a swimming hole to enjoy the pristine mountain water.


The land has many levels, high & dry building sites overlooking the river, as well as many terraced areas for growing whatever tropical plants you so desire. Some of the property is shaded by a beautiful  jungle canopy from which, the natural flora & fauna have been preserved. Exotic Birds & Butterflies are abundant here, as Chiriqui is recognized world wide by Ornithologists for its breathtaking bio-diversity.  Many mature fruit trees and native specimens thrive throughout the property.

Electricity & municipal water are within 100 meters of the property.

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