Tierra y Mar

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Tierra y Mar, Tierra Oscura, Bocas del Toro

Unique property that bands the width of a peninsula = 2 water accesses

10 Hectares DIVIDABLE, 3 bedroom home w Garden Suite

299,000$ USD Total


299,000 USD for 10 hectares w/ house (double waterfront)

249,000 USD for 10 hectares w/ house (1 waterfront)
50000 USD for 5 naked hectares (1 waterfront)


This property bands the width of a peninsula in Tierra Oscura, thus offering 2 separate water accesses. It is possible to buy half, but at 3.50$ a square meter, why not buy it all?



10 Hectares join two protected bays by a strip of lush Bocas jungle. Half of this property is still virgin rain forest with naturally growing Cacao and a coral reef ocean front.


The other half has a dock in a sheltered bay and a 3 story, newly renovated House, facing North East. 2 large verandas welcome sunrises over calm Lagoon waters and views of isla Cristobal. The house and 5 Hectares ( half the land ) can be bought seperately for 249,000$ USD.




 Incredible structural integrity, this home is 3 stories of local hardwood, on 12 inch diameter concrete posts.  Much of the home has been lovingly renovated, though some of the original features have been accentuated and restored. The Exposed Nispero Beams and  Staircase are beautiful examples of how these hardwoods stand the test of time.    40 foot ceilings tower above the entrance and the kitchen evoking a cathedral like feeling. The main floor has a large bathroom, the master bedroom, the kitchen, living room and a dining room that opens onto a wide veranda.  A large H shaped loft on the top floor leads to a second veranda overlooking the Tierra Oscura Lagoon, and which welcomes natural light to the rest of the home.  A garden suite with 1 bedroom/ 1 bathroom and kitchen is currently in the works and provides an opportunity for rental income. 


A top-notch solar system has been recently installed, which takes the guess-work out of moving off grid. The property is self sustaining with rain water catchment and many fruit trees growing on site.

The sale of Tierra y Mar will include the property corporation, this acquisition is a direct ticket to the Friendly Nation VISA residency program. 


This property is perfect for the Conservationist:

5 of the 10 hectares on the property are wild jungle, for carbon emissions sake and all the creatures sharing this property, it would be beneficial to keep them that way! This land is also lined by protected mangrove eco-systems, which in turn protect the water front from win and waves- ideal for docking the boat. 


 This property is perfect for the Homesteader

The long list of well established fruit trees growing on the property includes, but is not limited to:   mango,Plantains, Bananas,Coco and Pipa,Lime,Orange,Papaya, Cassava, Yam, Taro, Guanabana,Cacao, Pineapple,Pifa,Hibiscus,Alpinia,Ginger,Heliconia,Moon flower,frangipani.

This property is boat access only.


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