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Panama Real Estate

ROOTS REAL ESTATE personally scouts properties that highlight clients needs, with a focus on self sustainability, eco- tourism potential and ethical farming.

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Exclusive Listings with Sustainable Vision

Roots Real Estate Panama


Panama Properties and Relocation for Green Investors

Roots Real Estate Panama

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Green Development Approach

Roots Real Estate | Green Development Approach

We follow a green vision, encourage sustainable development and engage in nature conservation, reforestation and marine protection

Multilingual Consulting

Roots Real Estate | Multilingual Consulting

We speak your language - be it English, Spanish, French or Dutch

Aereal Video Documentation

Roots Real Estate | Aereal Video Documentation

We create striking drone imagery and video to ensure the best possible display of properties

Strong Legal Team

Roots Real Estate | Strong Legal Team

We have a reputable, expert legal team specialized in property- immigration and commercial law covering all facets of investment or relocation

Cross Functional Strength

Roots Real Estate | Cross Functional Strength

We synergize expertise from real estate markets, eco-tourism development, nature conservation and online marketing into into first class performance and results

International Visibility

We apply professional digital marketing strategies for maximum international traffic to our platform, giving your property listing the visibility it deserves

Our competences

Your Success!

About Roots Real Estate

Roots Real Estate is a family run company with Belgian, Canadian and Panamanian Roots and +7 years of experience scouting properties in beautiful Panama. Learn more about the Roots Real Estate team and our values!

Who we are | what we do

Plant Your Dream Life in Panama

Explore Panama with Roots Real Estate!

Lazare told us about a property he had just gotten the listing for that wasn't even on his website yet. It was PERFECT for us!! Lazare and Carmen helped us to navigate not only the real estate process, but other "Panama"  things over the next month. I can't even imagine this deal would have went through without his diligence, help, and numerous contacts (in Panama, it's not what you know, it's WHO you know, and Lazare knows everyone!!) that made the process as smooth as it possibly could be. Lazare and Carmen weren't just agents- they became our friends. I recommend Roots Real Estate 100%!!

Mindy Mackhlein

Real Estate Buyer

Lazare was over an above my expectations, he responded quickly and engaged me as a friend who was trying to help, not someone trying to sell me something..and trust me when I tell you his approach was fantastic, this coming from a fellow Real Estate agent. Lazare helped me to identify an area I may be interested in, gave me contacts for lawyers, both immigration and real estate to answer my questions, found me a builder if I intend to build and helped me feel much better about our decision to look at Panama.

Kumar Persad

Real Estate Buyer

My migration to Panama has been an amazing ride and Roots Real Estate played a crucial role in making it happen. From property scouting, to invaluable tips and tricks how to establish base in this beautiful country, Lazare and Carmen were part of my journey and we became really good friends. And yeeah, I got a beautiful beach lot to get me and family established in Panama. Thanks Roots!

Riley Jones

Real Estate Buyer


Whether you want to list your property with Roots Real Estate or you are seeking for your dream property in Panamá, we are here for you on your preferred channel, be it Whatsapp, ZOOM or Email.

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Carmen Lawton Roots Real Estate


Carmen Lawton

Trending Panamá Properties

With an excellent network of local partners, we search this magnificent isthmus for hidden gems that offer you the most unique opportunities in Panama Real Estate at the best rates. Take a look at our featured listing being unique opportunites to plant your seed in Panama!

Hand-Picked by Roots Real Estate Panamá

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We engage in conservation, reforestation and marine protection through our partnership with the pacific side Punta Ballena project, a green Panama real estate development venture in the National Marine Park of Golfo de Chiriqui. Find out more!

Roots Real Estate Panama | Investing with a green vision

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